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Other financial corporations: Analytical accounts (C55)

This data highlights some selected balance sheet items for 'Other financial corporations' – all resident insurance corporations, pension funds and non-money market investment funds. This is part of the International Monetary Fund's Standard Report Form (SRF 4SR).

Previous years: Quarterly:
Dec 2021 Dec 2022 Mar 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023 Dec 2023
Net credit to non-residents 142,527 126,385 131,843 134,577 128,434 132,876
Credit to non-residents 147,756 132,711 138,544 141,443 135,494 140,179
less Liabilities to non-residents 5,228 6,326 6,701 6,866 7,060 7,303
Credit to depository corporations 41,485 41,759 43,608 45,734 44,946 46,593
Net credit to central government 16,595 15,386 16,501 15,292 15,176 14,962
Credit to central government 16,595 15,386 16,501 15,292 15,176 14,962
Credit to other sectors 54,487 47,884 51,807 51,611 48,453 51,315
Credit to local government 5,389 4,938 5,109 5,108 4,228 4,846
Credit to private sector 49,098 42,947 46,699 46,503 44,225 46,469
Loans 51 54 55 56 56 56
Insurance technical reserves 122,330 114,522 117,929 121,713 119,766 126,372
Shares and other equity 259,111 235,684 247,806 252,264 248,078 260,216
Other items (net) -126,496 -118,942 -121,884 -126,539 -130,790 -140,628
Total assets 388,285 358,103 373,449 381,687 375,663 394,114


Assets of other financial corporations presented as claims on other resident institutional sectors and non-residents, and liabilities presented by category of financial instrument in order of their liquidity.

Other financial corporations comprise:

  • investment fund managers
  • registered superannuation schemes

We source data from our Managed Funds Survey.

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We release data approximately three months after the reference quarter.

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Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including confidentiality of individual responses

We collect data for investment fund managers and registered superannuation schemes under Sections 36 and 93 of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 (the Act).

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We only publish aggregated data. Individual institutional data is confidential.

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Other financial corporations

Investment fund managers, and registered superannuation schemes

Investment fund managers and registered superannuation schemes surveyed in the Reserve Bank’s Managed Funds survey.


Net credit to non-residents

Net credit to non-resident is calculated as credit to non-residents less liabilities to non-residents.

Credit to non-residents

Credit to non-residents by other financial corporations comprises:

  • transferable deposits
  • debt securities
  • shares and other equity
  • insurance technical reserves
  • financial derivatives (net asset position)
  • other accounts receivable.

Liabilities to non-residents

Liabilities to non-residents from other financial corporations comprises:

  • loans
  • financial derivatives (net liability position)
  • net equity of non-resident households in pension funds
  • prepaid premiums or reserves against outstanding claims
  • other accounts payable.

Depository corporations

Depository corporations comprises:

  • registered banks
  • non-bank deposit takers.

Credit to depository corporations

Credit to depository corporations comprises: 

  • Deposits
  • debt securities
  • shares and other equity
  • financial derivatives.

Net credit to central government

Net credit to central government is calculated as credit to central government less liabilities to central government.

Credit to central government

Credit to central government comprises:

  • debt securities.

Credit to other sectors

Credit to other sectors comprises:

  • credit to local government
  • credit to the private sector.

Credit to local government

Credit to local government comprises:

  • debt securities.

Private sector

Private sector comprises:

  • non-financial corporations
  • other resident sectors (households and NPISHs).

Credit to private sector

Credit to private sector comprises:

  • debt securities
  • loans
  • shares and other equity
  • trade credit or advances.



Loans of investment funds managers, and registered superannuation schemes.

Insurance technical reserves

Insurance technical reserves comprises:

  • net equity of households in life insurance reserves
  • net equity of households in pension funds
  • prepaid premiums or reserves against outstanding insurance claims.


Shares and other equity

Shares and other equity comprises:

  • funds contributed by owners.

Other items (net)

Other liabilities less other assets, consisting of all liabilities and assets not included elsewhere and inter-OFCs consolidation adjustment.

Symbols and conventions for summary table

Symbol or convention Definition
0 Zero or value rounded to zero
- Not applicable
.. Not available
bold Revised/new
italics Provisional
Light grey background Historical

General notes

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  • Percentage changes are calculated on unrounded numbers
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