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Registered banks in New Zealand

All banks operating in New Zealand must be registered with us. The table below has information on the 27 banks currently registered with us including their credit ratings and links to their websites.

The ratings in the table below are obtained from banks' 6-monthly disclosure statements or are as advised by banks.  We have made reasonable efforts to ensure these ratings are the most up to date rating applicable to the bank concerned. However, we cannot guarantee that a rating will be the most current one in all circumstances.

Click on the name of the bank to go to their website (some websites may not be in English).

Banks marked (B) operate in New Zealand as branches of overseas-incorporated banks. All other banks are incorporated in New Zealand.

Banks currently registered in New Zealand

Total number of registered banks: 27

Name of registered bank Registration date  Name of credit rating agency and rating
    Standard & Poor's Fitch Moody's
ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Limited
ANZ National Bank Limited
ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd
1 April 1987
Amended 28 June 2004
Amended 29 October 2012
 AA-  A+  A1
ASB Bank Limited 11 May 1989  AA-  A+ A1 
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (B) 5 January 2009  AA-  A+ Aa3 
Baroda (New Zealand) Limited
Bank of Baroda (New Zealand) Limited
1 September 2009
Amended 1 September 2009
 -  BBB-  -
Bank of China Limited (B) 29 March 2018  A  A A1
Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited 21 November 2014  A - A1
BOI (New Zealand) Limited
Bank of India (New Zealand) Limited
31 March 2011
Amended 31 March 2011
BB+ - -
Bank of New Zealand 1 April 1987 AA- A+ A1
China Construction Bank Corporation (B) 21 December 2017 A A A1
China Construction Bank (New Zealand) Limited 15 July 2014 - A A1
Citibank N A (B) 22 July 1987 A+ A+ Aa3
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (B) 23 June 2000 AA- A+ Aa3
Heartland Building Society
Heartland Bank Limited
17 December 2012
Amended 31 January 2013
- BBB -
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited 19 November 2013 A - A1
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (B) 18 May 2020 A - A1
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA (B) 1 October 2007 A+ AA Aa2
Kiwibank Limited 29 November 2001 - AA A1
Kookmin Bank (B) 14 July 1997 A+ A Aa3
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
MUFG Bank, Ltd (B)
1 March 2004
Amended 4 January 2006
Amended 1 April 2018
A A- A1
Cooperative Rabobank U.A. trading as Rabobank Nederland (B) 1 April 1996
Amended 12 January 2016
A+ A+ Aa2
Rabo Wrightson Finance Limited
Rabobank New Zealand Limited
7 July 1999
Amended 15 September 1999
A - -
Southland Building Society  7 October 2008 - BBB -
PSIS Limited
The Co-operative Bank Limited
26 October 2011
Amended 26 October 2011
- BBB -
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (B)
22 July 1987
Amended 16 January 2001
AA- AA- Aa3
Taranaki Savings Bank Limited
TSB Bank Limited
8 June 1989
Amended 29 November 1989
- A- -
Westpac Banking Corporation (B) 1 April 1987 AA- A+ Aa3
Westpac New Zealand Limited 31 October 2006 AA- A+ A1