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Banks: Face value of funding by residual maturity (L3)

This data presents the funding obtained by banks (such as deposits and the issuing of bonds), broken down by the remaining term of such funding.

Previous years: Monthly:
Oct 2020 Oct 2021 Jun 2022 Jul 2022 Aug 2022 Sep 2022 Oct 2022
Total funding by residual maturity
Overnight 216,568 259,277 258,869 257,672 255,116 254,081 253,441
>= 2 days & <= 1 month 29,329 28,603 27,755 28,444 28,102 28,691 31,330
> 1 month & <= 3 months 57,160 55,447 59,685 59,148 60,702 61,335 55,785
> 3 months & <= 6 months 62,469 58,832 59,517 56,651 53,281 53,291 55,393
> 6 months & <= 1 year 47,245 42,072 46,627 51,417 52,362 54,892 58,395
> 1 year & <= 18 months 18,186 10,834 12,078 14,118 15,888 17,738 17,334
> 18 months & <= 2 years 7,600 11,642 15,905 16,466 18,136 17,718 17,273
> 2 years & <= 3 years 16,720 24,615 26,389 24,769 23,229 22,094 23,333
> 3 years & <= 4 years 16,332 7,702 12,054 11,962 11,931 11,008 12,025
> 4 years & <= 5 years 7,653 8,801 11,948 13,762 14,895 17,286 16,260
> 5 years & <= 7 years 2,527 10,025 11,001 9,002 9,196 10,081 9,834
> 7 years & <= 10 years 5,644 6,271 7,311 7,201 7,135 5,539 5,589
> 10 years or undated 599 497 180 173 175 183 89
Total 488,032 524,616 549,319 550,784 550,146 553,936 556,080

The data: coverage, periodicity and timeliness

Coverage characteristics

Data on the value of funding are published as end of month figures in millions of New Zealand dollars. Ratios are published as percentages.




We release data approximately five weeks after the reference month.

Start-date of aggregate statistics

We compile tables L1 and L2 from data required to be reported by registered banks from April 2010, and these are published from that date.

We compile table L3 from data that registered banks are required to report by from March 2011, and it is published from that date.

List of institutions included in published liquidity statistics

All locally incorporated banks are required to provide reports on liquidity to us.

Access by the public

Statistics release calendar

The statistics release calendar provides a long-term plan of scheduled releases. We update and release it on the first working day of the month.

View the statistics release calendar


Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including confidentiality of individual responses

We provide this information as a service to the public.

We collect, monitor and analyse the data in undertaking our prudential supervisory functions. These operations involve liaising with and monitoring financial institutions to ensure effective implementation of policy and the soundness of the financial system.

Individual bank responses are strictly confidential.

Provision of information about revisions and advance notice of major changes in methodology

Provisional data are italicised. New data, or revised data, are in bold font. Data are deemed provisional when a series is under review. This applies to the summary table only and not Excel files. We generally publish revisions when we are next due to update and release the table. Should we need to make revisions more promptly, we will post a special note. We post any major changes in methodology as a special note.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

Definitions of series are available in the Series description.

Our Liquidity Policy specifies the minimum prudential standards for registered banks, addressing the degree of liquidity risk that they take on and their approach to managing that risk.

View the Liquidity Policy

Dissemination of statistics that support statistical cross-check and provide assurance of reasonableness

We publish summary information on bank funding in the Standard Statistical Return monthly (see S tables).

Registered banks are required to publish Disclosure Statements quarterly. We reproduce summary information from these statements.

View our list of registered banks

Last updated December 2014

The definitions below are sourced directly from the Liquidity Policy.

View the Liquidity Policy

Total loans and advances

Total loans and advances (as per BS13) is the figure for loans and advances (net) as reported in the monthly Bank Balance Sheet Survey for the month that is two months prior to the BS13 reporting month.

Total funding

Total funding is the sum of all market and non-market funding.

Non-market funding

Non-market funding means total deposits/debt securities issued by a bank, not falling within the definition of market funding.

Market funding

Market funding is defined as the total of:

  1. deposits/debt securities of a registered bank held by financial institutions or related parties of financial institutions
  2. tradable debt securities issued by a bank not already included in (a) above
  3. any funding received from related parties of a bank not already included in (a) or (b) above
  4. any funding that a bank is unable to or chooses not to allocate between market and non-market funding.

Residual maturity

Residual maturity is the remaining time until the expiration or the repayment of the funding instrument.


The key concept for defining the residency source of funding is the centre of economic interest. An institutional unit or entity is defined as domestic when location exists within the economic territory of the country from which it engages, and intends to continue to engage, in a significant amount of economic activity.


Funding received from an institution or entity with a non-resident withholding tax 'flag' is classified as offshore for the purposes of this report.

Funding received through an agent or nominee, acting on behalf of non-residents, is also identified as offshore funding.

Symbols and conventions for summary table

Symbol or convention Definition
0 Zero or value rounded to zero
- Not applicable
.. Not available
bold Revised/new
italics Provisional
Light grey background Historical

General notes

  • Individual figures may not sum to the totals due to rounding
  • Percentage changes are calculated on unrounded numbers
  • You are free to copy, distribute and adapt these statistics subject to the conditions listed on our copyright page.