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Balance of payments and international investment position (M7)

The balance of payments records the value of the country's transactions with the rest of the world. It shows changes in financial claims on, and liabilities to, the rest of the world. The international investment position is a snapshot of the country's financial assets and liabilities.

Terms of trade Current account balance Net international investment position (IIP)
Date (Index) (q/q%) (y/y%) ($m) Ratio to GDP (%) ($m) Ratio to GDP (%)
Previous years:
Sep 2020 1455 -4.7 -0.3 -3,803 -0.8 -178,649 -55.5
Sep 2021 1531 0.4 5.2 -8,572 -4.8 -166,233 -48.4
Dec 2021 1517 -0.9 2.8 -7,519 -6.0 -163,341 -46.8
Mar 2022 1526 0.6 3.3 -6,502 -6.8 -161,597 -45.6
Jun 2022 1491 -2.3 -2.2 -5,224 -7.7 -179,313 -49.9
Sep 2022 1440 -3.4 -5.9 - - - -

The data: coverage, periodicity and timeliness

Coverage characteristics

The balance of payments (BoP) statistics measures New Zealand's relationship with the rest of the world.

International trade in goods and services is summarised in the BoP current account, along with investment income and transfers with the rest of the world.

The international investment position (IIP) statistics shows the level of New Zealand's international assets and liabilities. This is affected by financial transactions and valuation changes.

The BoP and IIP statistics are closely related, with the BoP measuring transaction flows and the IIP measuring stock positions.




We release BoP and IIP statistics around three months after the end of the reference quarter.

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Balance of payments and international investment position

Terms of trade

Terms of trade

The terms of trade index measures the changing volume of merchandise imports that can be funded by a fixed volume of New Zealand's merchandise exports.

It is calculated as the ratio of the total export price index to the total import price index.

The terms of trade has an index reference period of the June 2002 quarter (=1000).

Balance of payments (BOP)

Current account

The current account records the value of New Zealand's transactions with the rest of the world in goods, services, income and transfers.

The credit side of this account shows the export of goods and services, income earned and, under current transfers, the offsetting entries to resources received by residents without payment being required.

The debit side shows the import of goods and services, income paid and, under current transfers, the offsetting entries to resources supplied to foreign residents without payment being required.

The current account balance is the sum of all current account credits less all current account debits. When the sum of debits is greater than the sum of credits, we have a current account deficit.


Physical, produced items over which ownership rights can be established and whose ownership can be passed from one person to another through transactions.


Products other than tangible goods. Services result from production activity that changes the conditions of the consuming units, or makes the exchange of products or financial assets possible.


Earnings from providing capital (for example, profits received from directly owning a company, dividends received from owning shares, interest received from lending money) or wages/salaries earned from providing labour (compensation of employees).

Current transfers

Offsetting entries to transactions where goods and services are supplied or received without there being an exchange of equal value in return (for example, taxes or donations).

International investment position (IIP)

International investment position

The IIP measures the stock (or level) of New Zealand's financial assets and liabilities with the rest of world.


A financial claim held by an entity on another entity (for example, a New Zealand bank lending money to an overseas company would hold an asset equal to the value of the loan).


A financial claim owing to an entity by another entity (for example, New Zealand company borrowing from overseas would have a liability to overseas equal to the value of the loan).

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