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08 December 2017 03:00 p.m.
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Retail trade sales Wholesale trade sales Manufacturing operating income
Date ($m) (q/q% s.a.) (y/y%) ($m) (q/q% s.a.) (y/y%) ($m) (q/q% s.a.) (y/y%)
Previous years:
Sep 2015 19,743 1.5 4.8 23,627 2.8 3.1 23,599 3.4 1.4
Sep 2016 20,748 1.2 5.1 24,036 1.0 1.7 23,245 1.1 -1.5
Dec 2016 23,554 1.6 5.1 25,742 1.2 3.1 26,819 1.1 1.7
Mar 2017 22,262 2.5 7.1 23,428 2.1 5.3 25,659 3.3 6.2
Jun 2017 21,988 1.4 6.9 24,884 1.6 6.0 26,571 3.4 9.4
Sep 2017 21,859 0.1 5.4 25,523 1.1 6.2 25,250 0.5 8.6

The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

Retail trade statistics measure the sales of a wide range of businesses that provide household and personal goods and services.

Wholesale trade statistics measure the sale or resale of new or used goods to retailers, including businesses or institutional users (include government).

Manufacturing statistics measures the sales of manufactured goods. In New Zealand, many manufacturers are engaged in primary produce manufacturing such as meat, dairy and other food processing.




Retail trade statistics are published around seven weeks after the end of the reference quarter.

Wholesale trade and manufacturing statistics are published around 11 weeks after the end of the reference quarter.

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Retail trade


The value sales (excluding GST) in the retail trade sector.


The value of stocks held in the retail trade sector

Wholesale trade


The value of sales (excluding GST) in the wholesale trade sector.


The value of stocks held in the wholesale trade sector.

It is the closing stocks of raw materials for use in production, plus the closing stocks of finished goods, work in progress, and trading stocks.


Operating income

The value of sales (excluding GST) and other operating income in the manufacturing sector.


The value of stocks held in the manufacturing sector.

It includes the closing stocks of raw materials for use in production and closing stocks of finished goods, work in progress and trading stocks.

Changes to Retail Trade Data

Statistics New Zealand has changed the methodology used in the Retail Trade Survey. This has resulted in changes to the historical data published in this table. Please see the Statistics New Zealand website for detailed methodology changes.

23 November 2017

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