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Our approach to policy

Information on how we develop and implement prudential policy and work with our stakeholders.

Our Statement of Prudential Policy sets out our approach to how we make prudential policy.

Statement of Prudential Policy

How we develop our policy

We protect and promote the stability of New Zealand’s financial system by developing policy that:

  • addresses prudential risks and market failures
  • supports competition and innovation.

What we consider when we develop prudential policy

We consider a broad range of factors in developing prudential policy:

  • changes in international standards and best practice
  • issues raised by industry and other stakeholders, including the Council of Financial Regulators
  • emerging risks and trends.

You can find more information about our approach to policy-making in our statement of policy-making approach.

Statement of policy-making approach (PDF 552 KB)

Financial Policy Remit

We have regard to the Financial Policy Remit issued by the Minister of Finance. The Remit sets out things the Minister considers desirable for us to take into account in pursuing our financial stability objectives and how we perform our functions as a prudential regulator and supervisor.

Our Financial Policy Remit from the Minister of Finance

We apply The Treasury’s model for Best Practice Regulation wherever possible, as well as our Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) framework.

We consult and engage widely with industry and the public, other regulators and government agencies, both domestically and internationally.

Best practice regulation | The Treasury