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Central Bank Network for Indigenous Inclusion

The Central Bank Network for Indigenous Inclusion aims to foster ongoing dialogue and raise awareness of indigenous economic and financial issues. We are network members alongside the Bank of Canada, the Federal Reserve and Reserve Bank of Australia.

The aims of the network

Formed in January 2021, the Central Bank Network for Indigenous Inclusion aims to share knowledge and best practices, promote engagement with Indigenous Peoples, and foster greater understanding and education about indigenous economic issues and histories.

Network members aspire to develop in areas such as:

  • conducting research for and with indigenous peoples on economic issues, including the development of best practices such as the collection, storage and use of indigenous data
  • building cultural awareness, recruitment practices and other aspects of corporate culture to foster indigenous inclusion within member organisations
  • strengthening engagement practices with indigenous groups and communities
  • supporting economic and financial education for and about indigenous peoples.

How the network works

Given the mandates of individual members and the current and historic economic reality of Indigenous Peoples in each member country are different, this network serves as a community of practice and will not aim to set or take policy positions.

Current members are encouraging other central banking entities around the world to join. Meetings are held on at least a six-monthly basis.

The network chair rotates between members annually.

Regular symposium

The network plans a biannual Central Bank Symposium on Indigenous Economics. We will host the first in-person symposium in September 2023, following a virtual symposium held by The Reserve Bank of Canada in 2021.

Memorandum of Understanding

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the founding members of the network.