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Statistics are published on the website at 3pm New Zealand time on the day of the release.

Details of floating and fixed residential mortgages in New Zealand are available in table S33.

The Reserve Bank does not collect this information. Payments New Zealand provides a bank branch register.
The Reserve Bank does not have a personal lending interest rate series. But it does provide a number of mortgage rate series and a credit card series (Table B3). Unsecured lending rates (rates on lending that does not require collateral or security for the loan) usually sit between the two. However, this is complicated by the fact that some mortgage holders receive lending for personal purposes (e.g. cars, holidays) simply by extending, or ‘topping up’, their mortgage, for which they pay the mortgage rate.
The Reserve Bank does not collect data on the number of credit cards issued, or the amount of interest owing, but does have data on credit card balances (Table C12).

The Reserve Bank does not collect data on the number of credit card users in New Zealand so we are unable to give a percentage of people owing interest on their credit cards.

The Bank does provide data on the percentage of outstanding credit card advances, which gives an indication of the value of credit card balances that are accruing interest.

These figures on interest-bearing advances can be found in the second Table C12 spreadsheet. It should be noted that these figures have a one month lag on publication.

Dividing the interest-bearing advances by total advances provides a percentage of the total advances that are interest-bearing. Please note that the interest-bearing advances figure will include accrued interest.

A: Statistics NZ compiles and releases the NZ CPI. Check their release calendar.
Statistics New Zealand typically release CPI figures in the morning, and these are generally reflected in the inflation calculator later that afternoon. Please see Q7 for details of the CPI release timetable.
The annual inflation rate is published in Table M1 on our website. The annual rate (or y/y%) is the third column along. More historical data is available by downloading the associated Excel table.
Inflation forecasts can be found in chapter two of the latest Monetary Policy Statement. On this web page there is also a link to an Excel spreadsheet with data from all the charts in each Statement.
When there are no overnight transactions between banks, an overnight cash rate is not published.
Please see Statistics New Zealand for this information, in particular the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position data.
Reserve Bank statistics can be copied, distributed and adapted subject to the conditions listed on our copyright page. Statistics from outside organisations should be attributed appropriately and in line with the individual agency’s requirements.
Occasionally we receive requests for data that we collect but do not publish on a regular basis. This page contains additional statistics we have provided to users on request. The data is published to provide equal access to statistics by all users.
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