The Reserve Bank of New Zealand conducts many surveys as part of its mandate to promote a sound and dynamic monetary and financial system.

Submitting completed surveys

You can submit a survey using the RBNZ secure upload facility which allows data to be transmitted securely using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. You will need a web browser with JavaScript and SSL2 enabled, preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 (or higher). Before you can use the secure upload facility, you will need to contact the Statistics Unit to register your email account. Instructions on how to use the facility are also available.

List of surveys
First working day of the second month
10 working days
Late March and Late September
15 working days
10am the next working day
15 working days
12 working days
Last working day in April
20 working days
Last working day in April

Insurance templates are available on the New Zealand Insurer Data Collections page.

Statistical information
Statistics Unit
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
PO Box 2498
Wellington 6140
New Zealand