Influences on settlement cash (D10)

This data summarises the Government's and the Reserve Bank's cash flows and outstanding balances on a monthly basis.
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30 July 2021 03:00 p.m.
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Reserve Bank of New Zealand
(NZ$ million) Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 Jun 2021
1. Cash at beginning of month 29,573 23,734 24,669 25,913 30,492 29,802
2. Government cash influence -7,534 3,383 -455 2,305 -6,432 873
3. Reserve Bank transactions 725 -17 173 155 -326 420
4. Government debt transactions
  Bonds issued -1,090 -5,010 -2,549 -1,382 -1,369 -3,607
  Bond maturities - - - - 6,368 -
  Regular Treasury bills issued -899 -1,199 -1,498 -1,099 -1,050 -1,250
  Regular Treasury bill matruities 1,350 950 900 1,500 1,200 1,250
  Other - - - - - -
5. Foreign exchange -4 -23 -3 1 0 7
6. Cash after public sector transactions during month (=1+2+3+4+5) 22,121 21,819 21,238 27,394 28,884 27,495
7. Liquidity management operations
  Net reverse repos - - -50 - -160 -
  Net repos - - - - - -
  Net FX swaps and basis swaps -3 -54 444 594 -143 823
  Net RB bills 0 0 -55 -20 -150 175
  Net overnight reverse repo facility 0 - 0 0 0 0
  Net auto-repo rollover .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Net bond lending facility -117 151 -203 353 -502 132
  Net Large Scale Asset Purchases 1,250 2,558 2,793 1,828 1,389 1,271
  Net Term Lending Facility reverse repos 383 195 146 225 280 150
  Net Funding for Lending Programme reverse repo 100 0 1,600 112 205 -
  Net total liquidity management operations during month 1,613 2,850 4,675 3,093 918 2,551
8. Cash as at end of month (=6+7) 23,734 24,669 25,913 30,486 29,802 30,046
9. Average settlement cash 27,722 25,431 26,925 29,565 30,515 33,001
10. Outstanding liquidity management operations as at end of month
  Reverse repo 210 50 160 160 - -
  Repo - - - - - -
  FX swaps and basis swaps 8,296 8,246 8,696 9,294 9,154 9,981
  RB bills -200 -200 -280 -275 -450 -275
  Overnight reverse repo facility - - - - - -
  Auto-repo rollover .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Bond lending facility -358 -207 -420 -68 -619 -487
  Term lending facility 895 1,126 1,236 1,461 1,741 1,891
  Large scale asset purchases 53,561 56,071 58,837 60,619 60,534 61,615
  Funding for Lending Programme 1,140 1,140 2,740 2,852 3,056 3,056
Total 63,544 66,225 70,969 74,043 73,416 75,781

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The data: coverage, periodicity, and timeliness

Coverage characteristics

Data volumes are shown in millions of New Zealand dollars.

The following data is recorded in the table and is detailed further in the series descriptions

  • Cash at beginning of month
  • Government cash influence
  • Other (RBNZ transactions)
  • Bonds issued
  • Bond maturities
  • Regular Treasury bills issued
  • Regular Treasury bill maturities
  • Other (Government debt transactions)
  • Foreign exchange
  • Cash after public sector transactions during month (totals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Net reverse repos
  • Net repos
  • Net FX swaps and basis swaps
  • Net Reserve Bank Bills
  • Net overnight reverse repo facility
  • Net bond lending facility
  • Net large scale asset purchases
  • Net term lending facility
  • Net total liquidity management operations during month
  • Cash as at end of month (totals 6 and 7)
  • Average settlement cash
  • Reverse Repos (nominal)
  • Repos (nominal)
  • FX swaps and basis swaps
  • Reserve Bank bills
  • Overnight reverse repo facility
  • Bond lending facility (Net)
  • Term lending facility
  • Total


The information is captured daily and released monthly.


Tables are updated on the last working day of the month following the end of the reference month.

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Due to the RBNZ's introduction of the Official Cash Rate scheme on 17 March 1999, the above table has been redesigned.

Previously the table was called "Influences on Primary Liquidity" and contained the influences on Settlement Cash and Discountable Securities. With the abolition of Discountable Securities the table has been renamed "Influences on Settlement Cash" and contains expanded detail on both the Government's and RBNZ's transactions with the banking system. The table also contains a list of the outstanding securities, as at the end of the month, that result from the Bank's liquidity management operations.


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Descriptions of settlement cash

Settlement cash balances The surplus cash held at the Bank in Exchange Settlement Account System (ESAS) accounts at the end of a banking day.

Cash at beginning of month The cash at the beginning of the month is the opening cash balance of the Exchange Settlement Accounts (ESA).

Government cash influence The Government cash influence is the Government revenue (taxes provided through Inland Revenue Department and Customs), less government expenditure and interest paid on Government bonds and Treasury bills.

Reserve Bank Transactions Includes Currency in circulation and various transactions that affect accounts held with the RBNZ. Currency in circulation refers to notes and coins issued by the RBNZ less those held in the vaults of registered banks.

Other (Government debt transactions) The net amount of miscellaneous Government debt transactions.

Foreign exchange Foreign exchange deals transacted by the New Zealand Government and the RBNZ.

Net reverse repos The net amount of reverse repos, transacted by the RBNZ to help manage the Government's daily liquidity flows.

Net repos The net amount of repos, transacted by the RBNZ to help manage the Government's daily liquidity flows.

Net FX swaps and Basis swaps The net amount of foreign exchange swap transactions (whether buying or selling the NZD) transacted by the RBNZ to help manage the RBNZ’s and Government’s daily liquidity flows.

Net Reserve Bank Bills The net amount of Reserve Bank bills, issued by the RBNZ to help manage the Government’s daily liquidity flows.

Net overnight reverse repo facility The net amount of overnight reverse repos transacted by RBNZ with other parties. The RBNZ will be willing to enter into overnight reverse repos on demand, with those parties who have entered into a Master Repurchase Agreement with the RBNZ. These transactions are done at a margin above the OCR. The OCR is an interest rate set by the RBNZ to implement monetary policy, so as to maintain price stability.

Net Bonding Lending Facility Bonds borrowed in the Bank’s bond lending facility

Net Large Scale Asset Purchases New Zealand Government Bonds and Local Government Funding Agency bonds purchased in the Large Scale Asset Purchase programme.

Net Term Lending Facility The net amount of reverse repos, transacted in the Bank’s Term Lending facility.

Cash as at end of month The surplus cash held at the bank in Exchange Settlement Account System (ESAS) accounts at the end of a banking day.

Average settlement cash Average daily balance of the exchange settlement accounts.

Overnight reverse repo facility A counterparty that has signed a Master Securities Repurchase Agreement sells government securities to the Bank in exchange for cash on an overnight basis. The counterparty agrees to buy the securities back at a stipulated price the next banking day. Currently the interest rate on these transactions is 25 basis points above the Official Cash Rate (OCR).

Publication release

25 February 2021

This data set was originally scheduled for publication on 26 February. The next release is 31 March 2021

Revisions to D10 data

21 September 2020

Government Debt transactions – bond maturities have been revised upwards for the months between 2016-2019. The revisions range from $1.8b for February 2016 to $4.5b for March 2019.

The data from 2016-2019 has been adjusted to avoid a series break.

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