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During the consultation period for Capital Review Paper 4, “How much capital is enough?”, the Reserve Bank received feedback from 161 submitters. Five submitters asked for their submissions to be published anonymously, while two submitters asked for their submissions to be withheld from publication.

On 1 July 2019 the Reserve Bank published the individual responses received as part of the consultation, where consent to do so was provided by submitters. In some instances, sensitive information relating to an individual’s privacy or personal circumstances have been redacted by the Reserve Bank. These submissions can be accessed below:

Submissions  Name of submitter Size of PDF
A Adrian Tocker
Alan Jones
Alex Tai
Alistair Morrison
Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Body
Andrew Hocken
Andrew Labrooy
Andrew Hamilton
Angela Sands
Angus Burrows
Anonymous - 1
Anonymous - 2
Anonymous - 3
Anonymous - 4
Anonymous - 5
Anthony Everitt
Anthony John Gavigan
Anurag Shetty
ANZ Banking group
ASB Bank
6.26 MB
B to C Banking Ombudsman Scheme
Ben Thirkell-White
Benno and Ann Schmitt
Benton Macdonald
Bill Foster
Brent Sheather
Brett Tawse
Bruce Merrett
Bryan and Annette Beeston
Buddle Findlay
Business Central / Wellington Chamber of Commerce
Callum Streeter
Chapman Tripp
Charlie Haswell
Chris Carswell
Clayton Dias
Councillor Raf Manji
6.94 MB
D to F Dairy Holdings
Dairy Women's Network
Dan McGuire
Daryl Brand
David and Rebecca Whillans
David Geary
David Hanna
David King
Deutsche Bank
Domestic Banks - Kiwi, SBS, Coop, TSB
Doug Widdowson
Earl White
Eric Constantine
Fax McKernan
Federated Farmers
Fiona Gray
Forsyth Barr
16.16 MB
G to I  G Slappendel
Gareth Vaughan
Geof Mortlock
Gordon Stuart
Graeme Berryman
Graeme Legg
Harbour Asset Management
Heartland Bank
Horticulture NZ feedback
Iain Parker
Ian Harrison
Infrastructure New Zealand
12.28 MB
J to L Jesse Reynolds
John Halkett
John McClelland
John Oliver
John Powell
Jon McClane
Jonathan Vodanovich
Judd de la Roche
Kay Robertson
Keith Poore
Laurie Lowther
Leon Dale
Logan Guild
Luca Colosimo
Lynette Williams
6.36 MB
M M. A. Lawler
Mark Lyons
Martien Lubberink
Martin Taylor
Matt Colvin
Meridian Energy
Michael Reddell
Michael Reynolds
Michael Taylor
Mike Whittaker
Murray Burdan
Murray Jackson
1.6 MB
N to O NAB
NERA Economic Consulting
Nick Georgiev
Nick Robinson
NZ Initiative
Oliver Saint
10.99 MB
P to R Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Kerr
Paul Carman
Paul David Martin
Peter Hein Garrick
Peter Lomas
Peter Robinson
Peter Stickings
Peter Thomson
Renata Blair
Richard Trouson
Richard Wilson
Rob Benden
Rob Morris
Robbie Cullen
Robert Heywood
Ron Rosenberg
Russell McVeagh
3.52 MB
S to T Salvation Army
Sarah Watson
Simon Tyler
Springwater Agri
Stephen Leavy
Stephen Ryan
Steve Napier
Steve Pryce
Sue Matthews
Synlait Milk Submission
Thomas Benham
Tobi Cohen
Tracey Bowen
Tracey Nieuwelaar
TSB Community Trust submission
Turley Farms
4.57 MB
V to Y Valera
Virendra Kumar Gupta
Wayne Buck
Westpac Group
Westpac New Zealand Limited
Window Treatments
W Teutenberg
Yang Zhang
1.52 MB