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Register of non-bank deposit takers in New Zealand

This page lists all licensed non-bank deposit takers (NBDT) in New Zealand. This register has the date licensed and credit rating for each NBDT.  

Register of non-bank deposit takers in New Zealand

Name of licensed NBDT Date licensed Name of credit rating agency Rating and outlook
Christian Savings Limited (previously licensed as Christian Savings Incorporated) 01-09-2017 Fitch Ratings BB+, Stable
Credit Union Auckland 03-02-2015 Equifax B-, Stable
FE Investments Limited (in receivership) 16-03-2015 n/a  Credit ratings have been withdrawn
Finance Direct Limited 13-02-2015 n/a  Exempt*
First Credit Union Incorporated 05-03-2015 Fitch Ratings BB, Stable
Fisher & Paykel Credit Union 08-12-2014  n/a Exempt*
General Finance Limited 13-02-2015 Equifax BB, Stable
Gold Band Finance Limited 29-04-2015 Equifax B+, Stable
Heretaunga Building Society 23-12-2014 n/a Exempt*
Liberty Financial Limited 17-04-2015 Standard & Poor’s BBB-, Positive
Mutual Credit Finance Limited 27-03-2015 n/a Exempt*
Nelson Building Society 23-03-2015 Fitch Ratings BB+, Stable
Police and Families Credit Union 12-11-2014 Equifax BB+, Stable
Unity Credit Union 19-12-2014 Fitch Ratings BB, Negative
Wairarapa Building Society 08-04-2015 Fitch Ratings BB+, Stable
Xceda Finance Limited 11-03-2015 Equifax B, Stable


* Not required to have a rating by virtue of the Deposit Takers (Credit Ratings Minimum Threshold) Exemption Notice 2016


Cancelled licences

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand gives notice that the Non-bank Deposit Takers licence granted to Steelsands Credit Union Incorporated was cancelled on 13 February 2023 pursuant to section 21(f) of the Non-bank Deposit Takers Act 2013 following the transfer of engagements to First Credit Union Incorporated, and the subsequent removal of Steelsands Credit Union Incorporated from the Register of Credit Unions.