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Register of licensed insurers

Information on the insurers who are licensed to carry on insurance business in New Zealand.

Insurers required to be licensed

Insurers seeking to carry on insurance business in New Zealand are required to be licensed under Section 19 of the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 (the IPSA). It is an offence under section 15 of the IPSA for a person to carry on insurance business in New Zealand without holding a licence. The exception is when section 246(1A) of the IPSA applies.

Read Section 19 of the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010

Under Section 54A of the IPSA, we are required to keep a public register of licensed insurers and their current financial strength ratings.


The IPSA includes provisions for exemptions. Exemptions allow suitable flexibility when applying the prudential supervision regime, and typically apply to overseas insurers who are subject to equivalent regulation in their home jurisdictions.

Read more about exemptions

Cancellation of licences

We can cancel licences for a number of reasons, as outlined in Section 30 of the IPSA.

Find out what licences have been cancelled

The name of the licensed insurer reflects the legal company name recorded with the Companies Office under the Companies Act 1993. Trading names and/or brands are not included.

Financial strength ratings of licensed insurers

Section 60 of the IPSA requires some licensed insurers to have a current financial strength rating from an approved rating agency.

We have approved three rating agencies: A M Best, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. These agencies' websites have information about their financial strength ratings, criteria and scale:

A M Best

Standard & Poor's

Fitch Ratings

Read more about financial strength ratings of insurers

Disclaimer on currency of ratings

The ratings in the table below are as disclosed to us. We have done our best to ensure these ratings are current. However, we cannot guarantee all ratings shown are the most up to date as this relies on the licensed insurer letting us know within our defined timeframes if their rating has changed.

Insurers are legally obligated under Section 63 of the IPSA to tell us when their financial strength rating has been updated.

Read Section 63 of the IPSA on the Government Legislation website

Register of New Zealand licensed insurers


Insurer Licence Effective Date Name of rating agency and rating Exemptions
A.M. Best Standard & Poor’s Fitch S38
AA Insurance Limited 07/05/2013 AA-
Accuro Health Insurance Society Limited 11/06/2013  B+              
ACS (NZ) Limited *** 27/02/2012 Not required Not required Not required Y
AIA New Zealand Limited 16/08/2013 AA
AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited 23/11/2011 A (Credit Watch Negative)
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd 12/03/2013 A+ A+ Y Y
Allianz Australia Insurance Limited 01/01/2013 AA- Y Y
American Income Life Insurance Company 23/08/2013 A Y
Asteron Life Limited 17/05/2013 AA-
Atradius Credito y Caucion, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros 28/06/2013 A Y Y
Beneficial Insurance Limited 27/02/2013 B++
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company 29/06/2015 A++ AA+ Y Y
Booster Assurance Limited 08/05/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Brightsideco Insurance Limited 30/05/2013 B
CBL Insurance Limited (In Liquidation) 04/09/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y
CentrePort Captive Insurance Limited 14/10/2022 Not required Not required Not required          
Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited 02/08/2013 AA-
Chubb Life Insurance New Zealand Limited 12/08/2013 A
Compagnie Francaise D'Assurance Pour Le Commerce Exterieur 13/12/2021 A AA- Y Y
Consumer Insurance Services Limited 13/05/2013 B+
Co-operative Life Limited 25/03/2013 B++
DPL Insurance Limited 22/08/2013 B++
Factory Mutual Insurance Company 05/10/2015 A+ A+ AA Y Y
Fidelity Insurance Limited 01/05/2013 A-              
Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited 02/08/2013 A-
First American Title Insurance Company of Australia Pty Limited 26/08/2013 A Y Y
First Insurance Limited 11/05/2018 BB
FMG Insurance Limited 27/02/2013 A
Foundation Life (NZ) Limited 26/08/2013 A-
General Reinsurance Australia Ltd 22/05/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y Y
General Reinsurance Life Australia Ltd 22/05/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y Y Y
Great Lakes Insurance SE 02/04/2013 A+ AA- Y Y
Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. 29/02/2012 BBB+ Y Y
Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited 28/05/2013 BBB+ Y Y Y
Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd 02/04/2013 AA- Y Y Y
HDI Global Specialty SE 31/03/2021 A A+ Y Y
Helia Insurance Pty Limited 18/04/2013   A A Y Y      
IAG New Zealand Limited 13/08/2013 AA-
Indemnity and General Insurance Company Limited 15/07/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Lloyd's of London 19/06/2013 A A+ AA- Y Y
Manawa Energy Insurance Limited 04/04/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Manchester Unity Friendly Society 29/04/2013 BB-
Marac Insurance Limited 07/05/2013 Y
Medical Insurance Society Limited 27/05/2013 A
Medical Life Assurance Society Limited 27/05/2013 A
Meridian Energy Captive Insurance Limited 25/06/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited 25/03/2013 A+ A+ Y Y
Momentum Life Limited 12/03/2018 B++
Munich Reinsurance Company 02/04/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y Y
Munich Reinsurance Company of Australasia Limited 02/04/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y Y Y
New Zealand Dental Insurance Society Limited 15/07/2013 Not required Not required Not required
New Zealand Medical Indemnity Insurance Limited 28/06/2013 B+
nib nz insurance limited 10/06/2013 A-              
nib nz limited 26/06/2013 A-
NorthStandard Limited 09/10/2018 A Y Y
Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited 04/09/2013 B++ Y Y
Partners Life Limited 03/09/2013 A-u
Pinnacle Life Limited 29/04/2013 B
Police Health Plan Limited 07/05/2013 A-
Provident Insurance Corporation Limited 31/07/2013 B
QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited 18/12/2015 A+ stable Y Y
QBE Lenders' Mortgage Insurance Limited 01/03/2013 A A+ Y Y
Quest Insurance Group Limited 29/04/2013 B
Resolution Life Australasia Limited 05/09/2013
Resolution Life New Zealand Limited 22/06/2020
RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited 24/02/2012 Not required Not required Not required Y Y Y
SCOR SE 16/01/2019 AA- Y
Selacs Insurance Limited 31/07/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Southern Cross Benefits Limited 19/02/2013 A
Southern Cross Medical Care Society 21/02/2013 A+
Southern Cross Pet Insurance Limited 30/01/2020 A
Southsure Assurance Limited 15/07/2013 BBB+
Swiss Re Life & Health Australia Limited 02/05/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y Y Y
T&G Insurance Limited 21/11/2017 Not required Not required Not required
Teal Insurance Limited 29/05/2013 Not required Not required Not required
Teleco Insurance (NZ) Limited 10/06/2013 BBB+
The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd 14/01/2016 A- Y Y
The New India Assurance Company Limited 26/02/2013 B++ Y Y
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. 11/03/2013 A++ A+ AA- Y Y
TOWER Limited 27/08/2013 A-
Union Medical Benefits Society Limited 23/05/2013 A
Unison Insurance Limited 22/07/2013 Not required Not required Not required Y
Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited 07/06/2013 AA-
Vero Liability Insurance Limited 07/05/2013 AA-
Veterinary Professional Insurance Society Incorporated 15/07/2013 B

Virginia Surety Company, Inc 27/06/2013 A Y Y
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited 15/07/2013 AA- Y Y

*** Provisionally licensed under s246(1A)