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Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision

We are a member of the Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision (TTBC). This page sets out TTBC's purpose, terms of reference and membership, and provides details about its Memorandum of Cooperation on Trans-Tasman Bank Distress Management.

About TTBC

The Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision (TTBC) monitors and coordinates trans-Tasman home-host regulatory issues, including crisis management preparedness.

The council promotes the coordination and harmonisation of trans-Tasman bank regulation, where appropriate. Its mandate also covers potential issues relating to financial stability, efficiency and integration throughout the wider financial sector.


The members of TTBC are:

  • Treasury (New Zealand)
  • Treasury (Australia)
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
  • New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA)
  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


TTBC was established in 2005 as part of a programme to develop closer integration of trans-Tasman banking regulation and supervision. More details are available on the trans-Tasman cooperation page.

Trans-Tasman cooperation

Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum sets out the principles for responding to a distress situation in a trans-Tasman banking group.

Reports of meetings

To support transparency, the council publishes a statement after each of its regular meetings.

Terms of reference

The Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision supports the development of a single economic market in banking services. The council promotes a joint approach to trans-Tasman banking supervision that delivers a seamless regulatory environment.

The banking system and bank supervision, including crisis preparedness, remain a focus for the council in recognition of its systemic importance. However, the council's mandate also covers potential issues relating to financial stability, efficiency and integration throughout the wider financial sector.

In particular, the council will:

  • enhance cooperation on the supervision of trans-Tasman banks and other financial institutions and information sharing between respective supervisors
  • promote and review regularly trans-Tasman crisis response preparedness relating to events that involve banks and other financial institutions that are common to both countries
  • guide the development of policy advice to both governments, underpinned by the principles of policy harmonisation, mutual recognition and trans-Tasman coordination.

The council will be chaired jointly by the Secretaries to the Treasuries of Australia and New Zealand, and will also comprise senior officials from the RBA, APRA, ASIC, RBNZ and the FMA.

The council may establish working committees drawn from the respective agencies to help it in reaching views on particular matters, and may delegate aspects of the work to these committees where appropriate. Where any of the issues considered by the working committees have a direct interest for any other agencies, these parties will be invited to participate.

The council will meet with industry participants as necessary and will seek to facilitate the integration of the two markets to the greatest extent possible, while maintaining the safety, stability and efficiency of both financial systems, and protection of sovereign interests as determined by the respective governments.

The existence of the council does not in any way derogate from the existing statutory rights and responsibilities of the respective authorities.

The council will be responsible to the Australian Treasurer and the New Zealand Minister of Finance and report to them before their annual bilateral meetings.