ESAS-NZClear scheduled outages

 Last updated: 3 November 2020

Outages have been scheduled for the following dates:


Period Reason
7 November Maintenance window
21-22 November 2020 SWIFT Standards Go-live
5 December Maintenance window
12 December Maintenance window


Period Reason
9 January Maintenance window
16 January Maintenance window


  • These are our main maintenance dates, but there may be other weekend outages as required for regular patching and improvements. If there is a specific requirement that you require the system to be available on a weekend, please let us know.
  • Change release will occur on a Saturday (with Sunday as the back-out window if required).
  • Maintenance window occurs on a Saturday or Sunday and covers work to the network, SWIFT, power, building etc.
  • Due to SWIFT maintenance the RBNZ's SWIFT interfaces will be unavailable between 04:00 to 16:30 every Sunday

* Testing Future mode applied to the Operational Readiness environment