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Financial Stability Report

We publish our Financial Stability Report (FSR) every six months to assess and report on the soundness and efficiency of New Zealand’s financial system.

Purpose of the Financial Stability Report

In our Financial Stability Report (FSR) we assess and report on the soundness and efficiency of the New Zealand financial system. We identify risks to the financial system and provide in-depth coverage of topics that are currently relevant to financial stability. As part of our assessment, we look at a set of macroprudential indicators. We also report on our regulatory initiatives to support financial stability.

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Upcoming FSR announcements
2 November 2022 FSR Media conference & live-stream Announcements are made at 9.00am and will be published on our website. A media conference will be held following the release at 11.00am. Media conferences are live-streamed on our website.

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 3 May 2023
FSR Media conference & live-stream
1 November 2023 FSR Media conference & live-stream