Banking system FAQs

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There is a list of banks registered in New Zealand in the Banking System area of this website. All banks operating here must be registered with the Reserve Bank and are required by law to disclose their financial condition each quarter.

No. The Reserve Bank is the central bank of New Zealand and does not offer personal banking facilities. We suggest you contact a New Zealand registered bank or financial institution.

See the Explaining Credit Ratings Fact sheet (PDF 71KB) for an explanation of how credit ratings work, and what they can and cannot do.
The Reserve Bank does not supply any information on the market share of banks. We suggest you contact the bank concerned if you wish to find out this sort of information.
All registered banks operating in New Zealand are required by law to publish a quarterly disclosure statement. These disclosure requirements are set out in Orders in Council, but are administered by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. A bank must make its disclosure statements readily accessible on its website.

For members of the public interested in banks’ disclosure statements, further information is available in “Your bank’s disclosure statement: what’s in it for you?”.

We suggest you contact the Banking Ombudsman Scheme which investigates and resolves disputes between customers and their banking service providers. The scheme is independent of scheme participants, customers, and government and is free to use. See the Banking Ombudsman Scheme’s website or phone 0800 805 950 for more details about the complaints process.