Research and publications

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand produces a variety of publications and research dealing with monetary policy, financial stability, and related economic and financial issues.

Key publications

These reports and publications cover areas of interest such as monetary policy, financial stability and bank operations.

Reserve Bank staff meet and speak with a wide range of businesses, industry forums, community groups, schools and universities. These engagements are welcome opportunities to discuss topical issues and policies, hear people’s experiences and answer questions.

View the Reserve Bank’s latest news conferences, educational videos, speeches and lectures. Older videos are available on the Reserve Bank’s YouTube channel.

Reserve Bank staff carry out long-term research into issues relevant to monetary and prudential policies and macroeconomic dynamics.

Papers are published as

The Bank also organises conferences and workshops, hosts a number of invited academic scholars and sponsors a professorial fellowship at Victoria University of Wellington.

The Reserve Bank Bulletin canvasses a wide range of issues related to central banking, the financial system and the New Zealand economy.

The Bank has released a number of publications that outline the work of the Bank in a short and accessible format for the general public.

Reserve Bank discussion papers present the detailed scholarly research of staff economists and visiting scholars. The papers are published throughout the year, mainly for academic and professional economists.

The Analytical Notes series encompasses a range of background papers prepared by Reserve Bank staff.
The Reserve Bank regularly hosts seminars and workshops in order to foster debate on monetary and financial-system policy and monetary, and financial economics more generally.
Responses to Official Information requests are published in order to improve public transparency and provide an additional resource for anyone seeking information.

The Reserve Bank Information Releases includes a range of topics released by The Bank.