CBL Insurance Limited - (in liquidation)

CBL Insurance Limited was placed into liquidation by order of the High Court on 12 November 2018.

CBL Insurance (CBLI) was a provider of insurance and reinsurance, mostly overseas but with about one percent of revenue from New Zealand insurance business. The Reserve Bank is the “home country” regulator and prudential supervisor of CBLI because the company provided insurance cover in New Zealand and is incorporated in New Zealand.

Independent Review

The Reserve Bank has commissioned an independent review of its supervision of CBLI to identify lessons for itself and the insurance regulatory regime. The review is being conducted by John Trowbridge and Mary Scholtens QC and will cover the period from CBLI’s licensing in 2013 through to the interim liquidation. Key findings from the independent review will be made public 1 July 2019.

CBL Insurance chronology

Notes of events covering the period from licensing of CBL Insurance in 2013 through to liquidation in 2018.

High Court Rulings


News Releases

Responses to OIA requests

Creditors and policy holders

If you are owed money by, or hold a policy issued or underwritten by CBL Insurance, then please contact the liquidators at the following email address [email protected].