Banknotes in circulation

New Zealand has two sets of banknotes in circulation – Series 6 and the new Series 7. Both series are legal tender. Both sets have five denominations: the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknote.

Series 7 $5 and $10 banknotes were released in October 2015 and the remaining three denominations were released in May 2016.

Series 7 (Brighter Money)

Image of the 5 banknote denominations in Series 7 - $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100

Series 6

The full set of New Zealand Series 6 banknotes - 5 dollar, 10 dollar, 20 dollar, 50 dollar and 100 dollar banknotes

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Banknote features for each denomination
The Reserve Bank issues high-quality banknotes which are readily accepted and secure. This section contains details of the security features, size and images used on individual banknotes.
Security and counterfeit detection
Learn why it’s important to check your banknotes, and how to deal with suspicious money.
About polymer
New Zealand banknotes are printed on polymer, which is a type of polypropylene plastic.
Banknote features for people who are blind or have low vision
New Zealand’s banknotes have features for people who are blind or have low-vision.
Issuing Series 7
The ranges of serial numbers used for Series 7 banknotes.
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This data includes all bank notes currently in circulation. It includes the New Zealand dollar (NZ$) series, which began circulation on 10 July 1967, and L.S.D. notes (the currency that was in circulation prior to 10 July 1967) that remain in the hands of the public.