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How we release information

This page provides guidance on how and when we release information including monetary policy decisions, statistics, news, research and Official Information Act requests.

Monetary Policy Statements and Financial Stability Reports


Information product Frequency per year Time of release Where to find
Monetary policy decisions 7 times 2pm Initially, for market participants, on our Bloomberg and Refinitiv pages and then on our website
Monetary Policy Statements (MPS) Quarterly (4 times) 2pm Our website
Financial Stability Reports Bi-annually (2 times) 9am Our website

Announcements and release dates

We publish:

  • all upcoming announcements relating to monetary policy decisions
  • release dates for upcoming monetary policy statements and financial stability reports
  • links to decisions and news releases.

You can also see what announcements are coming up on our Events page.


We tweet a link to the main media release via our Twitter channel and email the release to our email subscribers.

Subscribe for updates

You can sign up via the website to be emailed our news releases.

Monetary Policy Statements

Financial Stability Reports

Our Twitter channel

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Website technical issues

If our website experiences technical issues at release time it will be diverted to a backup site. The Monetary Policy Statement, media release and record of the meeting will be available on the backup site until such time as the main site is restored.

Live-streams of media conferences

You can watch a live-stream of our media conferences for Monetary Policy Statements and Financial Stability Reports at the following times:

Information product Media conference time
Monetary Policy Statements 3pm
Financial Stability Reports 11am

We upload a replay of the media conference to our YouTube channel within 24 hours.

  • Live-streams
  • Our YouTube channel

Note we do not host media conferences for Monetary Policy Review announcements.

Name change for OCR announcements

We have changed the name of the OCR announcements to Monetary Policy Review (MPR) announcements. 

This reflects the fact that other monetary tools apart from the OCR, such as forward guidance and large-scale asset purchases, are being used to achieve the Monetary Policy Committee's mandate of low and stable inflation and full employment.

The naming of MPS announcements will remain unchanged.

News releases

We publish our news releases in the news section and on the homepage. We also tweet a link to the media release via our Twitter channel and email our news release subscribers.

You can sign up via the email sign-up page to be emailed our news releases.

  • Our news
  • Our Twitter channel
  • Subscribe to email notifications


The statistics calendar allows you to see what dates the economic and financial data we produce is released. Our statistics are published at 3pm each day.

Statistics release calendar

If you do not know the name of the statistical series you are looking for, try searching the directory of statistics tables.

Directory of statistics tables

We also have a handy guide that explains how to use our Statistics pages and interpret the data.

Guide to Reserve Bank statistics webpages (PDF 2.3 MB)


We give more than 120 presentations to business, community and sector groups and organisations throughout the year.

Invite us to speak

If you are interested in finding out more about our speaking engagements, or would like to invite a Reserve Bank speaker to your event, email [email protected]

Upcoming speeches

To find out what public speeches are coming up, see our main speech page, which lists upcoming and past speeches:

Speeches and upcoming speeches

You can also sign up to be sent speech advisory email alerts.

Email sign-up

Published speeches are normally accompanied by a news release. We share a link to the news release via our Twitter channel.

Our Twitter channel

Official Information Act request responses

We publish responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests to improve public transparency and provide an additional resource for anyone seeking information. 

Publication online will coincide with or follow soon after we release the information to the requester.

Responses to Official Information Act requests

Articles and research

We have three long-running series as follows:

Bulletins: Articles by our staff covering a wide range of issues related to central banking, the financial system and the New Zealand economy.

Discussion papers: Detailed scholarly research by staff economists and visiting scholars of interest mainly for academic and professional economists.

Analytical Notes: Background papers prepared by our staff. Unless otherwise stated, views expressed in these papers are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Reserve Bank.