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Statement of Intent 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2026

Tauākī Whakamaunga Atu

Our Statement of Intent (SoI) outlines our strategic intentions over the medium to long term and our intended outcomes.

What our SoI covers

Our SoI sets out our strategic intentions and how we aim to achieve them.

The SoI is split into 6 sections:

  1. Our purpose, vision and values — Tō mātou kaupapa, matakite, uara hoki
  2. Our governance and structure — Tō mātou whakaruruhau, me tōna anga
  3. Our operating environment — Tō mātou horopaki mahi
  4. Working with our stakeholders — Te mahi tahi me te hunga whai pānga ki a mātou
  5. Our strategic approach — Tō mātou ara rautaki
  6. Reporting and measuring our performance — Te whakapūrongo me te ine i ā mātou mahi

The SoI should be read alongside our Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE).

Key activities and intended outcomes

As kaitiaki of Aotearoa New Zealand’s financial system, we are working to enable economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders.

We have adopted the legend of Tāne Mahuta to explain the interconnected parts of the financial system and our role as kaitiaki.

Below is a summary of the key activities we will deliver in order to meet our objectives and intended outcomes.

Ngā Pūtake

Roots represents our legislation and balance sheet.

Roots icon

Up-to-date legislation and a fit-for-purpose balance sheet allows the Reserve Bank to enable economic prosperity and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

  • Embed the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021
  • Financial risk management
  • Review of the Reserve Bank’s foreign reserves and financial resources
  • Our financial resources are sufficient to support our balance sheet operations
  • Our legislative foundations are renewed and strengthened for the future
  • Increased accountability and transparency
  • Our frameworks are future-focused, adaptable and innovative
  • Operational excellence and delivering best-practice governance
  • A sound and dynamic financial and monetary system

Te Tariwai

Vascular system represents the payment and settlement systems.

Vascular icon

Trust and confidence in New Zealand’s payment and settlement systems so everyone is able to make safe and efficient payments and complete day-to-day financial transactions.

  • Supporting the evolution of Payments
  • Payments industry projects – ISO 20022 and SBI365
  • A safe and efficient payments and settlement system that is reliable, trusted and resilient
  • Phase 1 of the ISO 20022 programme implemented
  • SBI365 (seven day a week banking) available for New Zealanders

Te Toto

Sap represents money, cash and foreign reserves.

Sap icon

We use monetary policy to maintain price stability and support maximum sustainable employment. Currency and physical cash support a monetary and financial system that works for all and is trusted as a store of value.

  • Monetary policy
  • Monetary policy research
  • Monetary Policy Committee Remit Review
  • Evolution of money and cash system redesign
  • Regional banking issues
  • Public confidence in our ability to discharge monetary policy
  • Transparent and rigorous processes in monetary policy formulation
  • Our Monetary Policy Framework remains fit for purpose now and into the future
  • Cash and the cash system meet New Zealanders’ needs
  • A resilient, sustainable and efficient cash system

Ngā Pekanga

Branches and leaves represents the regulated entities – banks, insurers and NBDTs.

Branches and leaves icon

Regulated entities – banks, insurers and NBDTs – maintain clear standards, are held to account, are under sound management, are resilient to financial shocks and support a competitive and diverse financial system.

  • Deposit Takers Bill complete and operational
  • Deposit Compensation Scheme
  • Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010/insurance solvency standards
  • Intensification of supervision and enforcement
  • Modernised recovery and resolution capabilities
  • Climate change
  • Enhancing banks’ financial resilience
  • Macroprudential tools
  • Financial Market Infrastructures Act implementation – standards and designations
  • Deposit Takers Bill passed and implemented
  • We are seen as a trusted, flexible and proactive regulator
  • A stable and efficient financial system with sound institutions
  • Strong capital and liquidity requirements
  • Climate change considerations inform the way we operate


Reflects our role as guardians of New Zealand’s financial system.

Guardianship icon

Elevate growth, evolve organisational capabilities and strengthen our operating model.

  • Connected culture and healthy organisation
  • Courageous and inclusive leadership
  • Thriving people
  • Future-focused policy and services
  • Enabled by data and technology
  • Connected operations
  • Our organisation is healthy, inclusive and a place where our people can thrive
  • Our workplace culture represents our purpose and values
  • Our stewardship and leadership is intentional and purposeful
  • We collaborate, innovate and are accountable
  • Our people are empowered and we evolve with courage and creativity
  • We deliver cutting edge economic and financial policy and services, strategically addressing risk, sustainability and effectiveness
  • We have open, secure and accessible data, are digitally enabled and use insights to enable better informed outcomes
  • We have trusted foundations connected capabilities and are operationally excellent

Working with our stakeholders

We recognise the critical impacts our stakeholders have on our ability to enable economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders — Toitū te Ōhanga, Toitū te Oranga.

It is vital we maintain strong, collaborative relationships and draw on the knowledge and insights our stakeholders can bring to our mahi.

Key activities

  • Relationship Charter
  • International stakeholders
  • Improving our technology
  • Working for and with the Government
  • Council of Financial Regulators
  • Financial inclusion
  • Climate change
  • South Pacific 
  • Te Ao Māori