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Using our balance sheet to support monetary policy and financial stability

Our balance sheets provide a snapshot of our financial position at a given point in time.

Our core functions

Our core functions include:

  • providing money and cash
  • using monetary policy to achieve price stability
  • keeping our financial system stable.

To fulfill these functions, we carry out a wide range of tasks that require us to hold substantial amounts of financial assets and liabilities. These assets and liabilities form our balance sheet — which provides a snapshot of our financial position at a given point in time.

Our balance sheet data

Source: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
How frequently we release the data: Monthly

We update the spreadsheet of balance sheet time series (2019 to current) on a monthly basis. Figures published within this spreadsheet are consistent with the R1 figures published on our website monthly and include unaudited financial data.

Resources to manage financial risks

We need sufficient financial resources to manage the financial risks associated with meeting our policy objectives. Financial resources may take the form of capital or indemnities. Under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021, our board is responsible for making sure that we operate in a financially responsible manner, and prudently manage our assets and liabilities. 

We take on some financial risk as a result of carrying out tasks to meet our policy objectives such as:

  • foreign exchange interventions
  • bond purchases to support financial stability and market functioning.

To manage these financial risks, we hold financial resources in the form of capital on our balance sheet and indemnities from the Minister of Finance that cover losses on some activities.

In July 2023, the Minister of Finance provided $500 million in capital and an indemnity to support a higher level of foreign reserves agreed by the Foreign Reserves Management and Coordination Framework (FRCF).

Read about the Foreign Reserves Management and Coordination Framework (FRCF)

In August 2023, following a comprehensive review of our financial resources, the Minister of Finance agreed to provide us with a further $1.3 billion in new capital. The Minister also provided a new indemnity that covers losses up to $5 billion on some bond purchase programmes, if they are needed in the future.

As the Reserve Bank is wholly owned by the Crown, this provision of additional capital does not change the overall net debt in the consolidated Crown accounts.

This new package of financial resources is intended to support our balance sheet and preposition us to undertake future interventions or actions that might be necessary for monetary policy or financial stability purposes. 

You can find more information about the financial resources used to manage financial risks in our information releases section.

Information releases

Our balance sheet during COVID-19