How the Reserve Bank releases information

Official Cash Rate (OCR), Monetary Policy Statements and Financial Stability Reports

The Bank publishes Monetary Policy Statements every quarter, Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcements every six weeks, and Financial Stability Reports twice a year.

All upcoming announcements and publication release dates are listed at the bottom of the homepage. The OCR and MPS are released at 2.00 pm, and the FSR at 9.00 am on the stated day, on the Reserve Bank’s Bloomberg and Refinitiv pages. The OCR and news release are published on our homepage and we tweet a link to the media release via our Twitter channel.

We then email the news release to our email subscribers. It can take a few minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. You can sign up via the website to be emailed Bank news releases.

Live-streams of media conferences

The Bank hosts a media conference at 3:00 pm on the days it releases Monetary Policy Statements, and 11:00 am on the days it releases Financial Stability Reports. You can watch a live-stream of these media conferences.

A replay of the media conference is uploaded to the Bank’s YouTube channel within 24 hours of the media conference finishing.

The Bank does not host media conferences for Official Cash Rate announcements.

News releases

The Bank issues news releases on a range of topics throughout the year.

Bank news releases are published in the news section and on the homepage. We also tweet a link to the media release via our Twitter channel and email our news release subscribers. You can sign up via the email sign-up page to be emailed Bank news releases.


The statistics calendar allows you to see what dates the economic and financial data produced by the Reserve Bank is released. The Bank’s statistics are published at 3:00 pm each day.

If you do not know the name of the statistical series you are looking for, try searching the directory of statistics tables.

We also have a handy guide that explains how to use the Reserve Bank Statistics pages and interpret the data.


The Bank gives more than 120 presentations to business groups and organisations throughout the year. Speaking events are usually hosted by other organisations, and are often invitation-only or closed to the public. Most of these speaking events are off-the-record and focus on recently published information.

The Reserve Bank will advise of upcoming on-the-record speeches where possible. If you would like to know what public speeches are coming up – check the upcoming public speech releases, or sign up to be sent speech advisory email alerts.

Published speeches are normally accompanied by a news release. We share a link to the news release via our Twitter channel, we update the speeches section, and send the news release to our email subscribers. You can sign up via the email sign-up page to be emailed Bank news releases.

Official Information Act request responses

The Bank publishes responses to Official Information Act requests in order to improve public transparency and provide an additional resource for anyone seeking information. Publication online will coincide with or follow soon after release to the requester.

Articles and research

We publish articles by Reserve Bank staff in the Bulletin, which covers a wide range of issues related to central banking, the financial system and the New Zealand economy.

Reserve Bank discussion papers present detailed scholarly research by staff economists and visiting scholars. The papers are published throughout the year, mainly for academic and professional economists.

The Analytical Notes series encompasses a range of background papers prepared by Reserve Bank staff. Unless otherwise stated, views expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Reserve Bank.