New Zealand's international reserves and foreign currency liquidity (SDDS)

This is a report of New Zealand's international reserves, which is compiled in line with Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS) issued by the International Monetary Fund.
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27 April 2022 03:00 p.m.
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SDDS Monthly (2021-current) (XLSX 49.39 KB)
SDDS Monthly (2010-2020) (XLSX 204.02 KB)
SDDS Monthly (2000-2009) (XLSX 180.67 KB)

New Zealand’s reporting of international reserves conforms to the standards required by the IMF for the purpose of subscription to the Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS). The format for presentation of this data for SDDS purposes is prescribed by the IMF in a data template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity. This template conveys more comprehensive information on international reserves than previously provided for New Zealand’s international reserves. It will be updated each month and disseminated on the Bank’s website before the end of the following month.

The Bank has amended the definitions and presentation of international reserves data published separately in table E1 to conform to the SDDS standards and mapped the E1 presentation to the more comprehensive SDDS template for international reserves and foreign currency liquidity.

Please note that because the annual financial statements for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and The Treasury are prepared for a June year-end, the most recent June month results may be subject to revision in the course of the normal financial year audit.

View background on the SDDS requirements for reporting of international reserves and foreign currency liquidity.

Updated layout

28 April 2021

We have updated the layout and format of the SDDS publication to enable us to publish historical data combined into a decade per file. This allows for more efficient finding, reading and storing of the current and historical SDDS data.

Please note that the content of the SDDS files is unchanged. The latest information can be found in the 2021-current file.

If you have any questions about the new file structure, please contact [email protected].

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