House prices and values

Housing is a central part of the New Zealand economy and accounts for around half of the assets of New Zealand households. Data is available from 1979.

Data for the graph below is available in a spreadsheet containing all key graph data (XLSX <200KB).

House prices & value of housing stock

Key graph: house prices and values

The value of housing stock includes all private sector residential dwellings (detached houses, flats and apartments), lifestyle blocks (with a dwelling), detached houses converted to flats and ‘home and income' properties. It does not include vacant land. This is an estimate of the current market value of houses in New Zealand and is based on current house prices (see the metadata for aggregate quarterly non-farm residential dwelling value data). The data is compiled by CoreLogic and published by the Reserve Bank. Data from 1979 is available in the key graph data file.

The House Price Index (HPI) measures the movement in house prices throughout New Zealand, providing an indicator of capital growth. The data is compiled and published by CoreLogic. Data from 1990 is available in the key graph data file.