Fact sheets and guides

The Bank has released a number of publications that outline the work of the Bank in a short and accessible format for the general public.
Reserve Bank history, art & museum displays
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - The 1967 two cent 'mule'
Kiwis eager to check out New Zealand's decimal coins got a rude shock when the first two cent pieces spilled into their hands on 10 July 1967
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Reserve Bank Museum and Education Centre highlights
A sheet highlighting some of the permanent exhibitions in the Reserve Bank Museum.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - About the Reserve Bank Museum
The Reserve Bank Museum is the only specialist economic and central banking museum in New Zealand, designed to educate and inform, highlighting and celebrating New Zealand’s wider economic and banking history, as well as the origins and role of the Reserve Bank.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Bill Phillips and the MONIAC
A fact sheet describing the MONIAC hydraulic economic computer in the Reserve Bank Museum.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - The history of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand
In 2009 the Reserve Bank marked its 75th year of operations three-quarters of a century spanning some of New Zealand’s most tumultuous decades.
Thumbnail - coat of arms on banner
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has a formal coat of arms which features on the cover of many of the Bank's publications. The coat of arms is also the central element in the Reserve Bank's logo and a large-scale casting of it can be seen in the foyer of the Reserve Bank's Wellington office.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - James Berry and NZ's 1967 decimal coins
A fact sheet describing the role of James Berry in decimal coin design.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Punatoto - the life force
A fact sheet detailing the background and meaning of the carving over the main entrance of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Reserve Bank's foyer art displays
A fact sheet giving details of the art displays in the Reserve Bank foyer.
Brochures, fact sheets & guides
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - What is inflation?
Inflation and deflation in the New Zealand context.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - What is the Official Cash Rate?
The Official Cash Rate (OCR) is an interest rate set by the Reserve Bank. It influences all other interest rates and is, in effect, the wholesale price of borrowing or lending money in New Zealand.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Explaining financial system liquidity
A brochure explaining how liquidity works in the New Zealand financial system.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Explaining New Zealand's monetary policy
A brochure explaining how monetary policy works in New Zealand, and the Reserve Bank’s role in implementing it.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Know your credit ratings
An explanation of what credit ratings mean, and how to understand them.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - The origins of the 'Credit crunch' and recession
In 2007 – 08 the United States, followed by the rest of the world, experienced a ‘Credit crunch’ that, by late 2008, had developed into the worst worldwide economic crisis since the Second World War. Although New Zealand was in a relatively good position, with a healthy banking system and sound economic fundamentals, the country still entered a prolonged recession.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - The Reserve Bank and New Zealand's economic history
A brochure explaining the Reserve Bank’s role in New Zealand’s economic history.
Thumbnail - Fact sheet - Security features of New Zealand banknotes
A brochure detailing the security features of New Zealand’s Series 6 banknotes.
Thumbnail - Guide - An introductory guide to common economic terms
Brief explanations of some of the more frequently used economic terms.
Thumbnail - Guide - Upside, downside: a guide to risk for savers and investors
A booklet by financial writer Mary Holm outlining ways of evaluating risk when investing your money.
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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been wholly owned by the New Zealand Government since 1936. Although it has statutory independence to carry out its functions under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989, the Reserve Bank is accountable to Parliament, and provides an annual dividend to the Government.