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The issues which New Zealand is facing with cash are facing other countries as well. This section provides links to selected news stories and website from New Zealand and around the world to inform and stimulate thinking and discussion. The Reserve Bank does not endorse or take responsibility for the views or external websites which we link to.

This section also provides a library of presentations and papers produced by the Future of Cash – Te Moni Anamata programme for further background.



Reserve Bank

  • The future of cash in New Zealand - An internal project research report - June 2018 (PDF 2.72MB)
    The research and analysis presented in this document was undertaken as part of the first stage of the Future of Cash – Te Moni Anamata programme. It presents the programme’s initial assessment (as at June 2018) of the current state of the Cash System which includes the cash distribution system, the publics’ use of cash in New Zealand, trends in cash use, the impact of payment and currency technology advances and the long-term resilience and efficiency of the cash distribution system. It offers conclusions and hypotheses for information or further exploration as the programme proceeds. The report is based on analysis of information that was either:
    • publicly available
    • provided voluntarily to the Reserve Bank for this project (information provided subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements has not been included)
    • generated as part of the ‘Cash Use in New Zealand’ public survey, or
    • stored or generated by the Reserve Bank’s currency operations.
    These sources are not routinely cited in this report, as it was written for the Reserve Bank, and not for publication. The views expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Reserve Bank.


  • Access to Cash Review (United Kingdom) “The independent Access to Cash Review has been established to consider consumer requirements for cash over the next five to fifteen years. Its main objective is to ensure that there remains an effective and inclusive cash access service that meets the needs of all consumers, regardless of their personal circumstances, for as long as necessary.”
  • Cash Matters “… is a pro-cash movement, which channels the voices that support the existence and relevance of cash as an integral part of the payment landscape now and in future.” Has useful articles subject to stated editorial bias.
  • Currency News “Currency News is published by Currency Publications Ltd, a joint venture between Reconnaissance International and Currency Research Ltd.”
  • Sveriges Riksbank (Central Bank of Sweden) “What should the Riksbank’s responsibility for cash management include? An inquiry is currently under way on the future role of cash in the Swedish economy, including the Riksbank’s responsibility.”