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New Zealand's national accounts and financial statistics

This June 2011 workshop discussed issues relating to national accounts and financial statistics and raised awareness relating to these.

Past Event
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • raise awareness about national accounts and the financial statistics and issues relating to these
  • outline some of the work that is currently being done, or will be done, in order to fill current gaps or overcome difficulties with particular measures, and
  • encourage discussion on this work and related issues.

The workshop was relatively informal with presentations rather than papers.

Chairperson: John McDermott, RBNZ (morning), Don Abel, RBNZ (afternoon)
Opening remarks: Alan Bollard (RBNZ)


Session 1

Internal directions and user needs
Presented by Jeff Cope (Statistics New Zealand)

National accounts and financial statistics
Presented by Rochelle Barrow (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Developing macro economic statistics - an Australian perspective
Presented by Ian Ewing (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and Jeff Cope

Session 2

Measurement issues and policy - the IIP, current account and saving
Presented by Stephen Toplis (BNZ and member of Savings Working Group)

Flow of funds and financial accounts
Presented by: Phil Briggs (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Session 3

Successfully measuring New Zealand's economic performance
Presented by: Rachael Milicich & Jude Hughes (Statistics New Zealand)

Measuring government
Presented by: John Janssen (Treasury)

Macrofinancial statistics
Presented by: David Hargreaves (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Closing remarks: Don Abel (RBNZ)