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Monetary policy under uncertainty

This June 1998 workshop discussed monetary policy and the effects it has on uncertainties.

Past Event
Monday, 29 June 1998 to Tuesday, 30 June 1998
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Reserve Bank of New Zealand


Output gap uncertainty: Does it matter for the Taylor rule?
Presented by: Frank Smets (Bank for International Settlements)
Discussant by: Luci Ellis (Reserve Bank of Australia)

Monetary policy with NAIRU uncertainty and endogenous credibility: Perspectives on policy rules and the gains from experimentation and transparency
Presented by: Peter Isard and Douglas Laxton (International Monetary Fraud)
Comments by: Julian Wright (University of Auckland)

The effects of potential output uncertainty on the performance of simple policy rules
Presented by: Aaron Drew and Benjamin Hunt (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
Comments by: Ralph C Bryant (Brooking Institution)

Learning and the complexity of monetary policy rules
Presented by: Robert J Tetlow, Peter von zur Muehlen and Frederico S Finan (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
Comments by: Scott Roger (International Monetary Fraud)

Monetary rules when economic behaviour changes
Presented by: Robert Amano, Don Coletti and Tiff Macklem (Bank of Canada)
Comments by: Viv Hall (Victoria University of Wellington)

Transparency, uncertainty and monetary policy
Presented by: Hans Dillen and Jonny Nilsson (Sveriges Riksbank)
Comments by: Andreas Fischer (Swiss National Bank and CEPR)

Should uncertain monetary policymakers do less?
Presented by: Chris Salmon and Ben Martin (Bank of England)
Comments by: Hans Dillen (Sveriges Riksbank)

The implications of uncertainty for monetary policy
Presented by: Geoffrey Shuetrim and Christopher Thompson (Reserve Bank of Australia)
Comments by: Arthur Grimes (Victoria University of Wellington)