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Monetary and fiscal policy interaction workshop

This October 2008 workshop discussed monetary and fiscal policy in Australia and New Zealand.

Past Event
Reserve Bank of New Zealand


Morning session

Session chair: Kirdan Lees (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Opening remarks by John McDermott, Assistant Governor, RBNZ

Identifying fiscal & monetary policy in a structural VAR
Presented by: Renee Fry (Australian National University) and Mardi Dungey (University of Tasmania)
Discussant: Martin Fukac (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Unobserved components business cycles for New Zealand. What are they and what might drive them?
Presented by: Viv Hall (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) and John McDermott (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
Discussant: Dimitri Margaritis (Auckland University of Technology)

Fiscal foresight: Analytics and econometrics
Presented by: Eric Leeper (University of Indiana), Todd Walker (Indiana University) and Shu-Chun Susan Yang (Academia Sinica)
Discussant: Mardi Dungey (University of Tasmania / CAMA)

Afternoon session

Session chair:  Emmanuel De Veriman (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

EU membership and the stationarity of budget deficits
Presented by: Mark Holmes (Waikato University), Jesus Otero (Universidad del Rosario) and Theodore Panagiotidis (University of Macedonia)
Discussant: John Janssen (New Zealand Treasury)

Monetary policy and fiscal foresight
Presented by: Nora Traum (University of Indiana)
Discussant: Timo Henckel (Australian National University)