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Macro policy forum

We held this June 2006 workshop jointly with the New Zealand Treasury. It brought together international and domestic experts to examine monetary policy in New Zealand over the past decade and how it achieved considerable success in maintaining low and stable inflation, positively contributing to broader economic stability and growth.

Past Event
InterContinental Hotel

The proceedings of this conference have been summarised into a book entitled 'Testing stabilisation policy limits in a small open economy: proceedings from a macroeconomic forum'. 

Testing stabilisation policy limits in a small open economy: Editors' summary of a macroeconomic policy forum (PDF 89KB)


Session one

Overview and macroeconomic policy challenges
Presented by: Stephen Grenville (Lowy Institute and CAMA research associate)
Discussant: Christopher Allsopp (University of Oxford)

Session two

Monetary and fiscal policy coordination
Presented by: Willem Buiter (London School of Economics)
Discussant: Pierre Siklos (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Session three

Macroeconomic policy in a financially integrated world
Presented by: Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: John Edwards (HSBC)

Session four

Capital markets and exchange rate policies
Presented by: Sebastian Edwards (UCLA)
Discussant: William Cline (Institute for International Economics)

Roundtable session

Reflections on policy challenges
Discussant: Val Koromzay (OECD), Steve Dunaway (IMF) and John McDermott (VUW)