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Exchange rate strategies for developed open economies

This February 2002 workshop discussed the properties of exchange rate regimes, institutional choices regarding different exchange rate regimes, and other policy choices that may affect the behaviour of exchange rates.

Past Event


Morning session

Session chair: David Archer

Opening remarks by Rod Carr, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Exchange rate strategies for small open developed economies such as New Zealand
Presented by: Anne-Marie Brook (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Currency unions and policy domains
Presented by: Peter B Kenen (Princeton University)

Openness, imperfect exchange rate pass-through and monetary policy
Presented by: Frank Smets (European Central Bank)
Discussant: Weshah Razzak (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Afternoon session

Session chair: Arthur Grimes

Experiences and future challenges for a small oil-producing country
Presented by: Ingvild Svendsen (Bank of Norway)
Discussant: Michael Reddell (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Is foreign exchange intervention effective? The Japanese experiences in the 1990s
Presented by: Takatoshi Ito (Hitotsubashi University)
Discussant: Kelly Eckhold (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Optimal monetary policy delegation under incomplete exchange rate pass-through
Presented by: Malin Adolfson (Swedish Riksbank)
Discussant: Chris Plantier (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Closing remarks