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Capital markets workshop

This 2008 workshop discussed the capital markets between Australia and New Zealand.

Past Event
Reserve Bank of New Zealand


Morning session

Session chair: Geoff Lewis (Treasury)

Opening remarks by Alan Bollard, Governor, RBNZ

Developing Australia's financial system — lessons for New Zealand
Presented by: Kevin Davis (Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies)
Discussant: David Mayes (Auckland University)

The New Zealand term structure: Going long on infrastructure
Presented by: Roger Bowden, and co-author Dawn Lorimer (Victoria University of Wellington)
Discussant: Kelly Eckhold (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Afternoon session

Session chair: Bryan Chapple (MED)

Regulation and target takeover returns: Is there a link?
Presented by: Hamish Anderson and co-author Ben Marshall (Massey University)
Discussant: Glenn Boyle (ISCR)

The development of the NZ Kauri bond market
Presented by: John Groom and co-author Kelly Eckhold (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
Discussant: Paul Mowbray (Deutsche Bank)

Closing remarks by John McDermott, Assistant Governor and Head of Economics, RBNZ