NZClear Participants

 Last updated: 24 February 2020

View a full list of our NZClear participants below. Please note that those participants with SWIFT BICs detailed below are those used for the NZClear SWIFT interface (NSI).

Registered Name Member Code SWIFT BIC
Accident Compensation Corporation ACCI  
AIA Services New Zealand Limited SACL  
Air New Zealand Limited AIRZ  
ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited NBNZ ANZBNZ22XXX
ANZ Custodial Services New Zealand Limited PBNK  
ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited ANZI OMGOUS33XXX
ANZ New Zealand Investments Nominees Limited INGN  
ANZ Wholesale Australasian Share Fund PNAS  
ANZ Wholesale Cash Fund PNCF  
ANZ Wholesale Equity Selection Fund PNES  
ANZ Wholesale High Grade Bond Fund PNLI  
ANZ Wholesale New Zealand Share Fund PNSF  
ANZ Wholesale Property Securities Fund PNLR  
ANZ Wholesale Trans-Tasman Property Securities Fund PNTT  
ASB Securities Limited ASBS  
Asian Development Bank 'A' ADBA ASDBPHMMXXX
Asian Development Bank 'ADF' ADBF ASDBPHMMADF
Asset Custodian Nominees Limited ACNL  
ASX Clearing Corp Ltd as Trustee for ASX Clearing Corp Trust ASXL  
Auckland Council AKCC  
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited AZBG ANZBAU3MXXX
Bank Of America, N.A. Australian Branch BOFA BOFAAUSXXXX
Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited BOCL BKCHNZ22XXX
Bank Of New Zealand BNZW BKNZNZ22985
BNP Paribas Nominees (NZ) Limited BPSS PARBAU2SLCC
BNP Paribas Nominees (NZ) Limited COGN PARBAU2SMCY
Bonus Bonds Custodians Limited-Client Property Trust Account BBDS  
Central Bank of Samoa CBSM CBSAWSWSXXX
Central Bank of Sri Lanka CBSR CBCELKLXXXX
China Construction Bank (New Zealand) Limited CCBK  
Citibank N.A. CBNA  
Citibank Nominees (New Zealand) Limited CNOM CITINZ2XXXX
Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited SALS SSBSAU2SXXX
Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBAA CTBAAU2SFXD
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Limited CBAN  
Computershare Investor Services Limited COMP CPNRNZ22XXX
Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A. New Zealand Branch RANZ  
Craigs Investment Partners Limited CRAA CGIPNZ22XXX
Craigs Investment Partners Limited CRDB  
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft DEUT DEUTAU2SXXX
Deutsche Capital Markets Australia Limited DCMA DCMAAU2SXXX
Earthquake Commission EQCM  
ETOS Limited ETOS  
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited FONT  
Forsyth Barr Limited FORD FORBNZ21XXX
Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited GSJA JBWANZ21XXX
Hamilton City Council HAMC  
Heartland Bank Limited HTLD  
Her Majesty the Queen in right of New Zealand CSAW NZTRNZ2WXXX
Hobson Wealth Partners Limited HWPL  
Housing New Zealand Limited HONZ  
HSBC Nominees (New Zealand) Limited HKBN HSBCNZ2AXXX
Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (New Zealand) Limited ICBC  
Investment Custodial Services Limited ASBI  
Jarden Securities Limited JSLA FCASNZ22XXX
JBWere(NZ) Nominees Limited JBWN  
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA NZ Branch-Segregated Clients Acct CHAM CHASNZ2ACCS
Kiwibank Limited KBAN KIWINZ22XXX
Latitude Credit Card Master Trust LFTT  
Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited - Client Account MAQC  
Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited - House Account MAQA MACQAU2SCSH
Masterportfolio Nominees Limited PT42  
MFL Mutual Fund Limited MFLA  
MT Nominees Limited PT45  
Munich Reinsurance Company - NZ Branch MUNN  
Munich Reinsurance Company of Australasia Ltd - NZ Life MUNR  
National Nominees New Zealand Limited NNLZ NATANZ22XXX
National Reserve Bank of Tonga NRBT NRBTTONUXXX
New Zealand Depository Limited NZDL NZXCNZ2WXXX
New Zealand Guardian TST ATF Avanti RMBS 2018-1 TST AVAN  
New Zealand Guardian TST ATF Avanti RMBS 2019-1 TST AVAM  
New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency Ltd LGFA  
New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency Ltd LGFF  
NZGT (FP) Trustee Ltd atf FP Ignition Tst 2011-1 NZ Series A FPIW  
NZGT (FP) Trustee Ltd atf FP Ignition Tst 2011-1 Series 2019 FPIG  
NZGT aft the RESIMAC Versailles Trust 2017-1 Series RVTT  
NZGT aft the RESIMAC Versailles Trust 2019-1 Series RVTR  
NZGT as Trustee for Harmoney Warehouse No. 1 Trust HMNY  
NZGT atf the Kingfisher 2008-1 Trust KNZA  
NZGT atf the Kiwibank RMBS Trust Series 2009-1 KRMB  
NZGT Tributum Limited as trustee for Tributum Trust TMNZ  
PT (Booster Investments) Nominees Limited PTBI  
PT (Booster KiwiSaver) Nominees Limited PTBK  
PT (Booster Superannuation) Nominees Limited PTBS  
Public Trust PT40 PUTSNZ22XXX
Public Trust Class 10 Nominees Limited PT48  
Public Trust Class 30 Nominees Limited PT46  
Rabobank New Zealand Limited RNZL  
Reserve Bank Currency - Wellington RBCU RBNZNZ2WCCY
Reserve Bank of Fiji RBFJ RBFJFJFJXXX
Reserve Bank of India RBIN RBISINBBXXX
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBNZ RBNZNZ2WXXX
Royal Bank of Canada - Fixed Interest RBCE ROYCAU2SXXX
Royal Bank of Canada - Fixed Interest RBCS ROYCGB22XXX
Royal Bank of Canada - Hong Kong Branch RBCH ROYCHKHHXXX
Southern Cross Medical Care Society SCMC  
Southland Building Society SBSI  
T.E.A. Custodians Limited - Client Property Trust Account TEAC  
TD Global Finance unlimited company TDGF TDOMIE2DXXX
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubish UFJ, Ltd NZ Branch BTMA  
The Co-operative Bank Limited COOP  
The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited HKBW  
The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited NZGT  
The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Ltd - Q Card Trust FPFT  
The Toronto Dominion Bank - London TDBL TDOMGB2ESEC
The Toronto Dominion Bank (South East Asia) Limited TDBS  
UBS AG, Australia Branch o/a UBS Nominees PTY Ltd UBSS  
UBS New Zealand Limited UBSN UBSWAU2SSCI
Wairoa District Council WADC  
Wellington City Council WECC  
Westpac Banking Corporation - NZ Financial Markets Group WPAC WPACAU2FXXX
Westpac New Zealand Limited WNZL WPACAU2FBXX