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Reshaping RBNZ Leadership

This is a proactive information release following the completion of RBNZ’s leadership realignment and recruitment of its new Executive Leadership team.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand – Te Pūtea Matua is advancing well in its deliberate transformation to fully meet its purpose of enabling economic prosperity and wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

We are operating in a complex and rapidly changing environment. We have significant legislative change on the horizon that will alter how we regulate the financial system in the coming years and which will bring changes in the way we need to operate under our new statutory Governance Board.

We’re looking at the future of money and adapting to the digital revolution. We are working to become a more diverse, inclusive and representative organisation. To fully meet our purpose, our policies must sustain economic growth and prosperity for all New Zealanders, which includes supporting the Crown’s commitment to partner with Māori as tangata whenua, taking an active leadership role to build diversity and inclusion into everything we do, and growing our RBNZ presence in Auckland.

To keep pace with our rapidly developing environment we’re reviewing how we operate, strengthening our foundations in many areas and refreshing how we work with stakeholders. We are also evolving and strengthening our leadership. To keep pace requires us to evolve, grow and develop our services, tools, processes, capabilities and culture.

Leadership is key to our transformation. During 2021, we implemented a leadership restructure at Te Pūtea Matua to bolster our overall capability and capacity, strengthen our foundations, ensure we are future fit to deliver on our mandate, and meet future governance expectations under new legislation.

This reorganisation included the creation of an expanded eight-person Executive Leadership team (ELT). All Executive Leadership Team roles are now filled.

In support of the new ELT will be a reshaped Leadership Team (LT) made up of 28 roles. The Director roles which make up the Leadership Team are designed with balanced portfolios and appropriate spans of control to improve efficiency and depth of knowledge. While some director roles are new, most closely reflect previous senior leadership roles. We are proud that many of our current senior leaders are filling these new positions, and we’ve started recruiting for vacancies to complete the remainder of the leadership structure. Recruitment will be phased over the coming year. Acting arrangements have been put in place for key roles, while the recruitment process is underway.

RBNZ Executive Leadership Team and Leadership Team

RBNZ leadership

Download a PDF of the RBNZ Executive Leadership Team and Leadership Team structure (PDF 136KB)

Leadership roles

  As at 30 June 2021 New structure (2022)
Tier 2 roles 6 8
Tier 3 roles 20 28*

* Note - some positions have recently been created as part of the leadership reorganisation and are yet to be recruited for, ahead of them becoming effective in March 2022.

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