Work with great minds

To be a great mind, you’ve got to work alongside other great minds, which is exactly what you’ll be doing here. We have an environment that fosters collaboration and team work, with a flat organisational structure meaning everyone’s approachable.

Unique environment

Being a full service central bank, our employees have a broad view of the economy and are involved in every part of New Zealand’s financial landscape. Our services include monetary policy, bank supervision, payment and settlement services, currency, liquidity and foreign reserves management to ensure New Zealand’s economy is kept sound and can withstand economic financial stresses.

Stimulating work

Working at the Reserve Bank means you won’t be stuck in the background. We trust our new graduates with responsibilities and challenges so that you’ll gain the broadest experience possible. You might be asked to present to the Monetary Policy Committee, or begin writing a discussion paper within the first month of joining us, backed with quality mentoring and ongoing support to help you thrive.

Extend yourself

Right from your first day, you’ll be learning with us. During your first year, you’ll benefit from a Reserve Bank induction day and courses such as advanced reading, writing, grammar and presentation skills. You’ll have the option to take part in other personal development programmes too. We have placed employees in courses run by the Bank of England, Swiss National Bank and Federal Reserve Bank of New York to expand their learning.

Explore your interests

When you begin with us you’ll join a particular team, but to give you a broader exposure to the world of central banking you’ll rotate 2 or 3 times over the period of the graduate programme. This is a great way to get to know your colleagues across the Bank and to find out your area of interest which may surprise you!

Broaden your horizons

How does completing your OE as well as gaining valuable international experience sound? Many of our employees have taken part in secondments worldwide, including at the Reserve Bank of Australia. Others are involved in further study for a Masters or a PhD while working full-time with us, and in some cases we will assist in funding your studies.

Social scene

Just as there’s plenty going on during work hours, there’s lots to do outside of work too. Our social club organises quiz nights, barbeques, sports events and get-togethers for our people. We have regular lunchtime events like indoor soccer and netball and our annual cricket match versus The Treasury.

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