Graduate recruitment

Summer interns

We offer up to 10 summer positions each year to economics, banking or finance students who usually have one or two years of an Honours or Masters degree left to complete following their internship.

Applications for 2019-2020 summer internships are open from 14 January 2019 and application details will be available at that time.

 Please note summer positions are only open to students studying at a New Zealand university.

Who are we looking for?

You’ll be majoring in economics, finance, banking, law and/or mathematics. Subjects that are useful to take include macroeconomics, monetary economics, finance, applied econometrics, law and/or mathematics subjects like QUAN (mathematics for economics and finance). 

You will be curious, analytical, a critical thinker and a team player. Strong written and verbal communication skills mean you know how to present your work clearly and concisely. Our graduates are diverse in their backgrounds and interests. This makes for a dynamic team that has plenty of fun.

What to expect

As a summer intern, you’ll work at the Bank over the summer holidays from around mid November until mid February. You will work in one of the following departments during your internship:

Economics Department

If you’re assigned to our Economics Department, you’ll be assisting with analysis and research related to the department’s main functions, including advice on the framework for monetary policy.

Find out more about working in Economics.

Financial Markets Department

If the Financial Markets Department is more your thing, you’ll be working in an area where the Bank's business in the financial markets is conducted.

Find out more about working in Financial Markets.

Prudential Supervision Department

If you're interning in the Prudential Supervision Department, you’ll be involved in monitoring the “health” of New Zealand financial institutions, as well as the country’s financial system.

Find out more about Prudential Supervision Department.

Macro Financial Department

If you’re working in the Macro Financial Department, you’ll be involved in the implementation of macro-prudential policy, as well as assessing the efficiency of New Zealand’s financial system.

Find out more about working in Macro Financial Department.

Our latest summer interns

Find out what our past summer interns worked on during their internships at the Reserve Bank and why they would recommend applying for an internship with us:

Our latest summer interns
Cameron Haworth
Prudential Supervision Department
John Knowles
Prudential Supervision Department
Kanika Solanki
Macro Financial Department
Katy Krauts
Macro Financial Department
Olivia Forman
Ryan Malin-Curry
Prudential Supervision Department
Sam Wynands
Financial Markets Department
Todd Henry
Tom Bird

University visits and the selection process

We’re not your typical central bank; therefore we don’t take a typical approach to recruitment. Instead of the usual campus presentations, we visit universities in March to have an informal chat over coffee.  Don’t be afraid to pick our brains about what it’s like to work at the Reserve Bank or ask any other questions you have.

Following the application closing date, we interview the shortlisted applicants on campus. These interviews usually take place in late March.

Campus Visits Timetable

Our campus recruitment team consists of recent graduates. They visit Auckland University, Waikato University, Victoria University, Canterbury University and Otago University in early March each year. Massey Albany students are invited to attend the campus visit at Auckland University and Lincoln students are invited to attend the campus visit at Canterbury University.


Applications for the 2019 Summer Internship Recruitment Round are open from 14 January 2019 and application details will be available at that time.

For further information please contact
Human Resources Adviser
Reserve Bank of New Zealand