Recruitment process

Month Graduates / Summer interns

Applications open 17 Feb 2020


RBNZ attend Career Expos and hold presentations on campus
Applications close 9am 28 March 2020


Shortlisting begins:

  • Application screening
  • Online Assessments
  • Video Interview

Assessment Centre to be held late April in Wellington at RBNZ


Reference and background checks

Candidates advised of outcome and offers made to successful candidates


Successful Summer interns begin work at the Reserve Bank

Early 2021 Successful Graduates begin work at the Reserve Bank

The Selection Process

What is the process once I have applied?

After applications close on 27 March, shortlisting for both the Graduate Programme and Summer Internship Programme will commence. Our shortlisting will be in four stages:

  • Application screening
  • Online Assessments
  • Video Interview (with questions based on your motivation and competencies)
  • Assessment Centre

What happens during the Assessment Centre?

The Reserve Bank pays for your flights, accommodation and taxi fares if these are necessary, so there is no hardship on your pocket to attend the Assessment Centre.

We’ll send you an itinerary with further information for your half day before you arrive for your Assessment Centre, so you’ll know what to expect.

What happens at the interviews for the Reserve Bank and Women in Central Banking scholarships?

The scholarship interviews are the same as the Assessment Centre for graduate candidates (see above). The selected candidates will receive a $10,000 scholarship and graduate position.

How many positions does the Reserve Bank offer?

The number of positions offered for the graduate and summer programmes differ each year, depending on a variety of factors. Usually the Reserve Bank offers around 10-12 graduate positions and 6-10 summer intern positions.

The number of positions offered for the Reserve Bank scholarship is usually 2-3 positions and 1-2 Maori & Pacific Islands scholarships.

I’ve attended the Assessment Centre – what’s next?

After the Assessment Centre, a group of our people will get together for an in-depth discussion about how it all went. We look at each candidate’s assessment results and how well you would fit in with our team. We also consider which area(s) of the Reserve Bank each candidate has the skills for and, of course, the area that each candidate is interested in.

From here we update all candidates and you’ll be told if we are progressing you to the final stage which is for us to complete reference and background checks.

Interview tips

  • Make sure you feel comfortable in your interview attire. It will make you feel more at ease, which the interviewers will notice.
  • Be prepared! Take a look at our About us section to find out more about our organisation. Jot down some notes on the subjects that you are taking, and on current economic issues the world is facing.
  • Think about some questions you’d like to ask the interviewers. You might want to know what a certain department is working on at the moment, what interviewers find interesting about working at the Reserve Bank, or what the culture of the Reserve Bank is like.
  • Try to stay relaxed. We know that this can be a daunting process, but we want you to succeed in your interview and ensure that we get the best out of you.
Contact details
The RBNZ Recruitment Team
 0800 726 9732