The Reserve Bank Museum

 Thank you for visiting the Reserve Bank museum web page. The Museum is currently closed until further notice. You can learn more about the Museum and the Reserve Bank’s work by viewing some of our educational videos.

About the Museum

The Reserve Bank Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into New Zealand’s economic and banking heritage. It celebrates and tells the origins and role of the Reserve Bank as the country’s central bank.

An extensive range of interactive exhibits showing the history of our trade and banking system as well as a selection of rare notes and coins from the Bank’s numismatic collection are on display at the Museum. You can check out the Museum’s highlights via our Reserve Bank Museum and Education Centre.

One of the most popular exhibits in the Museum is pioneering New Zealand economist Bill Phillips' amazing hydro-mechanical economic computer – the MONIAC. The MONIAC is currently not operating, but check out the educational video Making money flow: the MONIAC to learn about this exhibition.


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