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Early careers

We’re one of the world’s most trusted and respected central banks and are all about supporting our next generation of talent.

Each year we recruit for our graduate and summer intern programmes, and we offer a number of scholarships open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

We'll invest in you

Want to contribute to solving complex challenges and influence key decisions that affect all New Zealanders?

Everything we do supports the economy so people, communities and businesses can thrive, today and tomorrow. Come join our inclusive and supportive team – we’ll invest in you. We’re one of the world’s most trusted and respected central banks. You’ll work with authentic, insightful people and you’ll do authentic, insightful work. You’ll be surprised by what you find, what you can do and where your career can go.

Our next generation
We’re all about supporting our next generation of talent. Each year we recruit for our graduate and summer intern programmes, and offer a number of scholarships open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. These opportunities are within teams in our Data and Statistics, Economics, Enforcement, Financial Markets, Financial Systems Policy and Analysis, Money and Cash, and Supervision departments.
Our next generation

The Reserve Bank actively invests in their people. The work you do, the training, the development opportunities and the experiences you get here, will go beyond your role, beyond your expectations.

Applying for our graduate or summer internship programmes or scholarship

Find out how to apply for our graduate or summer internship programme or one of our scholarships. Read about our selection process, eligibility and timings.

Meet our graduates and interns

Meet some of our recent graduates and interns and find out what they say about working here.

Graduate programme

Bring your drive, talent and analytical curiosity and we’ll help you do the rest.

We’re a full service central bank with a very broad mandate. You’ll rotate within our teams and across our business. You’ll get exposure to people, experiences, opportunities and a breadth of meaningful work, unlike anywhere else.

We’ll set you up for a stellar career and you’ll have fun along the way.

There’s much to explore – we’ll guide and support you. You’ll liaise and work with peers locally, nationally and internationally across policy, business and government. You’ll make friends and connections along the way.

Applications for our intern and graduate programmes open in February each year.

There’s much more here. See what’s on offer

Meet our graduates and interns

Summer internship programme

Want to see what goes on here? Come join the team over your summer break from November to February and kick-start your career ahead of leaving university.

You’ll have your own project to work on and see first-hand what we do. You’ll discover, connect and grow. And if you do well and we’re for you, we may offer you a graduate position after your internship where you can continue to grow your career currency.


We have a number of scholarships available to provide support to future leaders interested in central banking.

You’ll need to be studying full time at a New Zealand university, ideally majoring in economics, finance, mathematics, law and or accounting, and attaining at least a B+ grade average. If this is you, then consider one of these:

  • Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship and mentoring – first and second year $3,000, final year $5,000, paid monthly
  • Women in Central Banking Scholarship and mentoring – first and second year $3,000, final year $5,000, paid monthly
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand Scholarship and mentoring – first and second year $3,000, final year $5,000, paid monthly, plus mentoring
  • The Roger Perry Memorial Scholarship – for those entering their final year of study and working towards Honours or Master’s – $10,000, and you may be offered a graduate position at the completion of your qualification.

I'm just very excited to look at regulation from the point of the regulator, and to look at that policy engineering, and the policy setting, I'm very much fascinated by that.

Scholarship applications open in December.

Read more about the Roger Perry Memorial Scholarship

Roger Perry (1959–2018) joined the Reserve Bank in 1980 after graduating at the University of Otago with BCom (First Class Hons). He went on to forge an impressive career in the financial sector. An integral part of his life was raising his family in Auckland with his wife Norida, and completing an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma) at University of Auckland.

Roger returned to the Reserve Bank in 2013, holding management positions in the Macro Financial department, Financial Markets department and Economics department. He was an intellectually curious manager who contributed greatly to Phase One of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act review.

Roger had a love of strategy and a passion for learning and developing his staff, both professionally and personally. He was particularly fond of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and was regularly found quoting his favourite habits.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer in early 2017, Roger maintained his positive outlook and determined character.

The Roger Perry Memorial Scholarship has been established as an enduring recognition of the immense contribution Roger made to the Reserve Bank.

Those who were fortunate enough to work with Roger will remember him as energetic, people-focused and courageous in spirit.

Apply for a scholarship

We’ll invest in you. We’ll help you discover

From day one, you and your work will matter. We’ll tap into your talent and potential. You’ll have exposure to a wealth of local, national and international learning and development opportunities to broaden your knowledge and experience. You’ll discover, connect and grow with an abundance of intellectual energy and stimulus and high quality, rigorous analysis and opportunities to get hands on and involved.

You’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Your competitive salary will be reviewed twice within the first 18 months to acknowledge your contribution, rapid development and growth.

You’ll bring passion and curiosity to the table

You’re a team player. You’ll engage with people with expertise in other areas, to fill the gaps, test thinking, dive deep and work together. We’ll mentor, guide and encourage you. We’ll help you collaborate, make connections and build networks as part of a global central banking community.

Our nature is to nurture

We nurture the economy and we’ll nurture you—you’re our future. We’ll set you up to succeed and help you achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions.

We have a full induction programme to get you going, with courses, events and training along the way to fast-track professional and personal growth. There’s opportunities for rewarding secondments, to explore areas of interest and support further studies.

And that’s not all.

We believe in work/life balance and flexible working. We have an impressive wellness package, five weeks’ annual leave with the option to take more. You’ll get $800 to set up an office from home with the equipment you need.

There’s more benefits on offer – check them out

We’ve got attitude, but we leave our egos at the door

Great work comes from team work. Problem solving involves IQ and EQ. We’re one team, with one great vision. Together we achieve success. We collaborate and we love healthy debate. Your opinions and ideas will be more than heard. You’ll influence outcomes to improve lives and livelihoods.

We’re inclusive not exclusive

Our talented community comes from many disciplines and many walks of life. We embrace differences and new perspectives. We have an inclusive and positive workplace culture. It’s less formal than you’d imagine. We care about good outcomes and we care about each other. You’ll find your peers and leaders friendly, approachable and supportive. We’re all equals here and everyone chips in. All views and contributions count.

We’re big on diversity and inclusion, gender pay equity and non-biased and non-discriminatory practices. We welcome and value knowledge of Te Ao Māori, Tikanga and Te Tiriti.

To achieve our vision to be a Great Team, the Best Central Bank, to do work that impacts all, we need diversity that reflects all.

So come join the team. Be our next generation and help future generations. Our future is you.