Our vision and values

Our purpose, vision and values

The Reserve Bank's purpose is to promote a sound, efficient and dynamic monetary and financial system. It seeks to achieve its vision - A Great Team, Best Central Bank - with values of:

Integrity: Being professional and exercising sound judgement.

Innovation: Actively improving what we do.

Inclusion: Working together for a more effective Bank.

The Bank aims to develop and implement highly effective and efficient monetary, regulatory and financial policies that are well suited for the New Zealand economy and financial system. It endeavours to ensure that: the Bank’s objectives and priorities are sound, clearly communicated and understood; its business operations are well managed; and it invests wisely in the recruitment, training, development and retention of its staff. The Bank also invests heavily in reviewing and testing its policy frameworks and policy settings in light of domestic and international experience, and ensures that its independence is balanced by appropriate public disclosure and accountability.

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