Our purpose, vision and values

Our purpose

Toitū te Ōhanga, Toitū te Oranga.

We enable economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders.

Our role

By maintaining a sound and efficient monetary and financial system, we give people, communities and businesses the confidence to spend, borrow and save money in their daily lives. We do this by:

  • keeping prices stable while supporting maximum, sustainable employment
  • regulating banks, insurers and finance companies
  • producing New Zealand’s bank notes and coins
  • operating effective, wholesale payment and settlement systems.

We have statutory independence from the Government. This means we have operational autonomy to achieve our long-term objectives for the financial system.

Our vision

Great Team, Best Central Bank.

Our vision is our guiding star or puanga.

In Te Ao Māori we describe our vision on a deeper level as Matangirua ki Matangireia: working as one, towards our ultimate purpose.

Matangirua is the call made by a captain on a sailing vessel for everyone to paddle and unfurl the sail at the same time. Being a ‘Great Team’ is about being ‘fit for purpose’ – cost effective, risk aware, working collectively in a sustainable way. To achieve our vision of being a ‘Great Team’ our people must be unified by our purpose, everyone understanding what they need to do and moving together in the right direction.

Matangirea is the place in the sky where Tane climbed to bring back the 3 baskets of knowledge. To become the ‘Best Central Bank’ we must scale new heights, reaching for the sky in pursuit of our purpose.

Our values

Our values guide our behaviours and provide the foundation for our people to flourish.

They are:

  • Wānanga/Innovation — Innovation stems from knowledge gained through our diverse perspectives
  • Tauira/Integrity — Integrity is sustained through self-reflection and modelling our shared principles
  • Taura/Inclusion — Inclusion binds our individual strengths together enabling our resilience and collective success.