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 Special note: Discontinued statistics
16 May 2019 03:00 p.m.
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09 August 2019 03:00 p.m.
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Permanent & long-term migrants Estimated resident population
Date Arrivals (Number s.a.) Departures (Number s.a.) Net (Number s.a.) (Number)
Previous years:
Mar 2017 33,150 14,830 18,260 4,776,500
Mar 2018 32,520 16,050 16,400 4,871,600
Jun 2018 31,820 16,990 14,860 4,885,500
Sep 2018 31,660 17,530 14,260 4,907,700
Dec 2018 26,010 - - 4,929,700
Mar 2019 27,200 - - 4,957,400

The data: coverage, periodicity, and timeliness

Coverage characteristics


Population estimates are derived from the latest census data with adjustments for net census undercount, residents temporarily overseas on census night, and births, deaths, and migration since the census.

International travel and migration

International travel and migration statistics measure the number of overseas visitors, New Zealand resident travellers, and permanent and long-term migrants entering or leaving New Zealand.

These statistics are based on electronic arrival and departure records for each international passenger, supplied to Statistics New Zealand by the New Zealand Customs Service.




Provisional population estimates are published within six weeks after the end of the reference quarter. Final population estimates are derived when an extra quarter of detailed births and deaths is available, about five months after the end of the reference quarter.

Final international travel and migration statistics are released approximately three weeks after the end of the reference quarter. The delay is longer for December data due to the peak travel period coinciding with the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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Provision of information about revisions and advance notice of major changes in methodology

Revisions are generally published when a table is next due to be updated and released. New or revised data is in bold font.

Provisional and final population estimates are produced for the resident population each quarter. Final estimates are derived when an extra quarter of detailed births and deaths data are available. Changes between the provisional and final estimates are most apparent in the younger and older age groups, due to delayed registration of births and deaths.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

Data is sourced from Statistics New Zealand.

Population estimates

Estimated resident population

An estimate of all people who usually live in New Zealand on a given date. Visitors from overseas are excluded.

Estimates of the resident population are based on the latest census data and on births, deaths, and migration since the census.

Arrivals and departures

Overseas visitors

People who live overseas and are visiting New Zealand for less than 12 months.

New Zealand resident travellers

People who live in New Zealand and are travelling overseas for less than 12 months.

Permanent & long-term arrivals

People from overseas arriving to live in New Zealand for 12 months or more (including permanently), and New Zealanders returning after an absence of 12 months or more overseas.

Permanent & long-term departures

New Zealanders departing for an absence of 12 months or more (including permanently), and people from overseas who are departing after a stay of 12 months or more in New Zealand.

Discontinued Statistics

Stats NZ have discontinued some series from official international travel and migration statistics, following the change to an ‘outcomes-based’ measure of migration.

The affected series on the M12 web table are “Short-term overseas visitors – Departures (Number s.a.)”, “Short-term NZ resident travellers - Departures (Number s.a)”, “Permanent and long term migration – Departures (Number s.a.)”, and “Permanent and long term migration – Net (Number s.a.)”.

We will update the M12 web table to include the new official migration series.

If you have any questions please see Stats NZ’s website or contact stats-info@rbnz.govt.nz.

18 February 2019

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