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Academic fellowships

Our academic fellowship programme aims to conduct research in areas broadly related to monetary policy and financial stability, foster ongoing collaborative research relationships and help our research staff to develop their expertise.

Programme overview

We envisage that fellowships will usually involve working jointly with our staff. The fellow will visit us for a period of time to work directly with co-authors. During these visits, the fellow will also be expected to perform a collegial role: presenting their own work and providing feedback on other aspects of our activities.

Research areas

Fellowship proposals are welcome in all areas relevant to our monetary policy and financial stability roles, including:

  • macroprudential policies
  • interactions among macroeconomic policies (macroprudential, monetary, fiscal)
  • the role of terms of trade or commodity price movements
  • business cycle analysis
  • pricing dynamics
  • structural macromodelling
  • new developments in forecasting.

We particularly value research on topics specific to New Zealand.

See Research staff profiles to find out our employees' research interests

Submission process for our academic fellowships

Start by discussing your proposal with a prospective co-author from our staff. They will gauge interest in your proposal within the relevant departments, help develop the proposal and follow up on any decision.

Your proposal should clearly specify:

  • your objectives
  • timeframes
  • how you will allocate responsibility across the external and internal parties
  • your professional experience.

Evaluation of project proposals

Our relevant departmental managers will jointly assess your proposal based on the following criteria:

  • perceived benefit to us, including how the project meets the objectives of the fellowship programme
  • fit with our current research priorities (where applicable)
  • your reputation and experience
  • probability of successful completion
  • detail and completeness of the proposal.


Manager Policy Research and Development, Economics Department

Past academic fellows

The following table lists past academic fellows, their tertiary institutions and period during which they were part of our academic fellowship programme.

Name Institution
Dr Dean Hyslop
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research 2017 to 2018
Prof James Morley
University of Sydney 2017 to 2018

2016 to 2017

2015 to 2016
Prof Christoph Thoenissen University of Sheffield
2017 to 2018
Prof James Morley
University of New South Wales
2014 to 2015
Dr Martin Berka
University of Auckland 2014 to 2015
Prof Prasanna Gai
University of Auckland 2011 to 2012
Associate Prof Christoph Thoenissen
Victoria University of Wellington
2011 to 2012