The interface between monetary policy and macro modelling

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, 13-15 March 2006

An ongoing concern at central banks and other policy institutions is the interface between macro-model based analysis and policy, particularly the communication of model-based results to senior decision makers and the wider public. To address these issues the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) is hosting a three day workshop. Two days will be allocated to the presentation of papers, while the remaining time will involve roundtable discussions on the development of alternative models (encompassing relatively large forecasting and policy systems, DSGE approaches, and Bayesian techniques).

Submissions have now closed. The workshop will include 14 papers covering the following broad themes:

  • Issues and methods taking DSGEs to the data/forecasting
  • Design and application of DSGE models
  • Using models and suites of models.

Complete papers will need to be received no later than the end of February 2006. The workshop papers will be compiled into a special volume.

For further enquires and logistical details please contact the organisers:

Aaron Drew, David Hargreaves and Sharon McCaw (