Housing, savings, and the household balance sheet

Summary of workshop findings and key points (PDF 246KB)

Workshop Programme

Chair: Grant Spencer, Assistant Governor and Head of Economics
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

8.30 am

Arrival and coffee

8.50 am

Welcome and introduction
Alan Bollard, Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand


"Trends in household savings, wealth and debt" (PDF 249KB)

Presenter: Bernard Hodgetts, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Discussant: Khoon Goh, ANZ National Bank


"Family trusts" (PDF 250KB)

Presenter: Phil Briggs, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Discussant: David Feslier, Retirement Commission


Morning tea


"What do we know about equity withdrawal by households in New Zealand?" (PDF 638KB)

Presenter: Mark Smith, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Discussant: Doug Steel, Westpac



1.00 pm

"Housing in the household portfolio and implications for retirement saving: some initial findings from a longitudinal panel survey" (PDF 366KB)
(paper prepared in conjunction with John Gibson)

Presenters: Grant Scobie and Trinh Le, Treasury

Discussant: Brent Layton, Director, NZIER


"Housing and housing finance: the view from Australia and beyond" (PDF231KB)

Presenter: Luci Ellis, Reserve Bank of Australia

Discussant: Aaron Drew, Reserve Bank of New Zealand


Afternoon tea


"Income and saving in New Zealand: an age cohort analysis" (PDF 235KB)

Presenter: Andrew Coleman, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Discussant: Susan St John, University of Auckland


"Statistical issues regarding savings and wealth" (PDF 307KB)

Presenters: Geoff Bascand and Diane Ramsay, Statistics New Zealand

Discussant: Adolf Stroombergen, Infometrics


Summary of main points and issues

Bernard Hodgetts


Workshop closes