Housing markets and macro-prudential policy

Date: 26-27 January 2017
Location: Chartered Accountants Wellington Conference Centre

This event was a closed workshop for practitioners to share insights on relevant policy issues, including the role of prudential policies in mitigating risks associated with the housing market, macro-prudential indicators for housing risks and risk assessment of mortgage loans, and practical implementation and effectiveness of macro-prudential policies.

The Reserve Bank invited practitioners and researchers from central banks and prudential policy authorities, as well as from the BIS and IMF, to the workshop. Patrick Honohan (former Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland) and Phillip Turner (Deputy Head of the Monetary and Economics Department, BIS) were confirmed as participants.

The event was structured around a set of presentations by participants. These presentations covered policy issues and analytical work related to the conference topic, and country experiences with implementation of macro-prudential policies.

Organising Committee

Bernard Hodgetts
David Hargreaves
Ashley Dunstan (Reserve Bank of New Zealand).