Te Ōhanga Māori – The Māori Economy 2018

This report on the Maori economy was produced by BERL in 2020. It expands on their 2013 report, providing a rich description of the many roles Māori play in the economy of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Through our Te Ao Māori strategy we are building understanding and embracing our history and heritage. We are the kaitiaki of Aotearoa’s financial system, and we believe that a richer understanding of the Māori economy will help us make better policy for all New Zealanders in the long run.

This report provides an invaluable description of the Māori economy in 2018. BERL present a picture of a dynamic and expanding labour force, of skilled Māori business owners, and of an asset base that is growing and diversifying.

We acknowledge that in Te Ao Māori, the true value of taonga such as land and water cannot be reflected on a balance sheet or in numerical values. Te Ōhanga Maori recognises this point, and provides a rich description of Māori participation in the economy that goes beyond simply counting the dollar value of Māori assets.