Eric Tong

Policy Analysis Team
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Eric is a Senior Analyst in the Policy Analysis team in the Economics Department. Prior to joining the Bank, he taught econometrics and international finance at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and the University of Auckland. Some of the questions he is working on include the impact of coronavirus and monetary policy on asset prices, the competition effect of depreciation, and the risk premium embedded in currency value. Eric is a Research Fellow at the Victoria University of Wellington. He holds a MFin in Financial Engineering (HKU) and a PhD in Economics (Auckland).

Current research interests:

  • International finance and economics
  • Asset pricing
  • Textual analysis

Recent publications:

  • Gai, P. and Tong, E. (2020) The effect of US monetary policy shocks on small open economies and flexible exchange rates (Forthcoming).
  • Ratcliffe, J. and Tong, E. (2020) Minding our business: New Zealand business investment over the last 20 years. RBNZ Analytical Note (Forthcoming).
  • Tong, E. (2017). US Monetary Policy and Global Financial Stability. Research in International Business and Finance, 39, 466-485.
  • Tong, E. (2018). Collateral Crises and Unemployment. New Zealand Economic Papers, 52(1), 72-90.
  • Tong, E. (2018). US Monetary Policy, Global Risk Aversion, and New Zealand Funding Conditions. New Zealand Treasury Working Paper (No. 18/04)