Archived research papers

The Research Paper series has been discontinued. These papers date from 1971 to 2000. More recent research and analysis is released via Discussion Papers and Analytical Notes.

Please email to obtain an electronic copy of one of these historical papers.

Research papers by staff

Sep 71
Towards a Model of the New Zealand Economy
R.S. Deane

Dec 71
A Model of the New Zealand Monetary Sector
R.S. Deane and M.A. Lumsden

Feb 71
New Data for Economic Research
R.S. Deane and D. Grindell

Mar 72
The Dating of Most War Business Cycles in New Zealand 1946-70
E. Haywood

May 72
An Econometric Approach to Forecasting New Zealand's Imports
R.S. Deane and M.A. Lumsden

Aug 72
Consumption Equations for New Zealand: Tests of Some Alternative Hypotheses
R.S. Deane and DEA Giles

Oct 72
Quarterly Taxation Relationships for New Zealand
R.S. Deane and D. Grindell

Nov 72
A New Zealand Model: Structure, Policy Uses, and Some Simulation Results
R.S. Deane (Ed.)

Dec 72
Papers on Monetary Policy, Credit Creation, Economic Objects and the Reserve Ban
R.S. Deane

Jan 73
Essays on Econometric Topics: From Theory to Practice
DEA Giles

Apr 73
Financial Asset Behaviour and Government Financing Transactions in New Zealand
R.S. Deane, D. Grindell, and A.C. Fenwick

Oct 73
Determinants of Quarterly Gross Capital Formation in New Zealand
R.S. Deane and M.A. Lumsden

Jun 74
Further Data for Economic Research: Some Methods and Results for New Zealand
M.A. Lumsden (Ed.)

Dec 74
Two Essays on Econometric Forecasting with an Econometric Model
C. Fenwick and J. Gallacher

Feb 75
New Quarterly Data for Stabilisation Purposes
M.J. Pope and D. Grindell

Mar 75
Estimation of Aggregate Employment and Production Functions for New Zealand
J. Gallacher

Apr 75
Interest Rate Policy: a New Zealand Quandary
R.S. Deane

May 76
An Economic Policy Dilemma: the Case of Foreign Investment in New Zealand
R.S. Deane

Jun 76
The New Zealand Economy: Measurement of Economic Fluctuations and Indicators of Economic Activity
E. Haywood

Sep 76
Econometric Model Forecasts in New Zealand: a Preliminary Assessment
P.J. Ledingham

Sep 77
International Monetary Reform: Content and Perspective
R.S. Deane

Dec 77
The Reserve Bank s Model of the New Zealand Economy
J. Gallacher, GHT Morgan and DEA Giles

Apr 78
New Zealand Monetary Policy in the 1970 s: Analysis and Perspective
PWE Nicholl

Jul 78
Topics in Econometric Model Research
GHT Morgan (Ed.)

Nov 78
A Statistical Basis for Medium-Term Projections
C. Gillion and M.J. O Neil

Nov 78
An Input-Output Model of Structural Development
C. Gillion and M.J. O Neil

Mar 79
Trade, Income Shares, Migration, and Public Expenditure: Four Choices for the Medium Term
C. Gillion and M.J. O Neil

Mar 80
The Reserve Bank Econometric Model: a Revised Structure and Some Policy Simulations
G.H. Spencer (Ed.)

May 80
Experiments with a Core Model of the New Zealand Economy
G.H. Spencer (Ed.)

Feb 81
Monetary Targets: a Comparison of Some Alternative Aggregates
G.H. Spencer

May 81
Supply Behaviour in New Zealand s Export Industries
A.J. Tweedie and G.H. Spencer

Jul 81
Consolidated National Accounts for New Zealand on an SNA Basis
D. Grindell (Ed.)

Nov 81
A Model of the New Zealand Labour Market
A. Grimes

Jul 82
Essay on Fiscal Policy and Taxation Reform
R.S. Deane and B.D. White

Nov 82
Some Issues of Balance of Payments Policy
B.D. White

Jan 83
An Examination of New Zealand Wage Inflation
A. Grimes

May 84
A Revised Reserve Bank Core Model with SNA Data
A. Grimes (Ed.)

May 85
Savings in New Zealand During Inflationary Times: Measurement, Determinants and Implications
R.T. Clements

Sep 86
Use of Savings, and Investment Behaviour in New Zealand
R.T. Clements (Ed.)

Sep 86
The Reserve Bank Econometric Model of the New Zealand Economy Model XI
R.T. Clements (Ed.)

Sep 88
Two Studies on Pricing in New Zealand Manufacturing
S. Chapple

Oct 91
The Reserve Bank Econometric Model of the New Zealand Economy Model XII
R.T. Brooks and D.T. Gibbs

Aug 97
The forecasting and policy system: the core model
Richard Black, Vincenzo Cassino, Aaron Drew, Eric Hansen, Ben Hunt, David Rose and Alasdair Scott
Research Paper No. 43, August 1997 (PDF 679KB)

Jun 00
The output gap: measurement, comparison and assessment
Iris Claus, Paul Conway and Alasdair Scott
Research Paper No. 44, 2000 (PDF 1.2MB)